SRVO - 050 alarm with no actual collision

  • Hello all,

    I have a LR Mate 200iB 5P that is occasionally getting the "SRVO-050 Collision Detect Alarm (G:!, A:5)" with nothing around it. Sometimes when this happens it will reset itself and keep on going, and sometimes it will not.

    Can anyone help?

  • (32)SRVO–050 SVAL1 CLALM alarm (Group : i Axis : j)
    (Explanation) The disturbance torque estimated by the servo software
    is abnormally high. (A collision has been detected.)
    (Action 1) Check that the robot has collided with anything. If it
    has, reset the robot and jog–feed it to recover from the
    (Action 2) Make sure that the load setting is correct.
    (Action 3) Check that the load weight is within the rating. If it
    is higher than the rating, reduce it to within the rating.
    (If the robot is used out of its usable range, the
    estimated disturbance torque becomes abnormally
    high, possibly resulting in this alarm being detected.)
    (Action 4) Check the phase voltage of the three–phase input
    power (200 VAC) to the power supply module. If it
    is 170 VAC or lower, check the line voltage.
    (Action 5) Replace the power supply module and the servo
    amplifier module.

  • When all above is checked, you could also check that your mount angle of the robot corresponds to the system variable $$mount_angle. I had theese alarms when i programed hanging robots and forgott to set the mount angle properly.

  • Possible causes are;
    Collision settings that are to high
    Load is too high
    acceleration is too high
    Payload is not set properly
    configuration issues
    an intermittent bad brake
    Power issues
    bad servo motor other than the brake
    bad cable
    Bad gear reduction unit

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