CS8C error codes - U on the 7-segment display

  • Our CS8C was working fine, and then I tried to add a gate sensor to UESB1+/-, but that did not work (turned out the gate sensor faulty), so I tried to short the two pins to close the loop (all the pins are connected to a terminal block), which is what we had it before I tried to add the gate sensor. Now the controller is having an error, "U". Looking in the manual, it says "EStop 1 order memorised ...", and I tried to disconnect UESB1+/- and then connect it back up again, but could not figure out how to acknowledge the error. When I disconnected UESB1+/-, the error code changed to "c", which according to the manual means the e-stop is activated, which is correct, but could not figure out how to get rid of the "U".

    From the MCP, under "Control Panel", "IO", "Controller Status", there is a fault with UESB1, but am unsure what that means as I thought I had connected the two pins up again correctly... the right most key says "Info", and according to the manual, this should say "Ack." (acknowledgement) if the error has been resolved.

    Please let me know if anything is unclear. Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated.

  • According to the manual, you should connect the dual-channel like this:

    Either "U" and "c" are pointing to an emergency signal only on channel 1.

    Sometimes you have to "park" the pendant to clear the error.

    Parking the pendant by placing it on its bracket.

    Cycle power the controller should also clear it.

  • I am also same problem, anybody now problem solution?

    Which problem? Showing upper case U on the 7 segments?

    When U is showing it means, and this is the text on the manual

    E-STOP 1 order memorised: An emergency stop on line 1 has been recorded by the RSI board. This fault is reset the next time the arm is powered up.

    And the suggested solution is to change RSI if this error code remains when the next enable power sequence is initiated.

    I would just double-check

    1- if any emergency is pressed

    2- if the emergency stop 1 wiring is ok

    please see below

  • Hello,

    On the 2 chanels control (like Emergency Stop and Door), the 2 contacts need to be synchronized otherwise the controler memorize a default.

    Try to go in menu :

    MENU / Control Panel / Controler Status / Hardware Safety Fault.

    If the electrical wrong contact is solved, you can acknoledge the default on panel, otherwise you have an information on this line.

    To solve an electrical issue on Safety double chanel, you need

    1- to solve the electrical issue

    2- Open and Close the 2 contacts (synchronized) to show to the controler that all is now Ok

    3- Acknoledge

    If the default is on Door control : Make it in Automatic Mode (In manual mode the doors are not monitored !)

    On old CS8C (before the Acknoledge key), I remember that with some software version, you need to delete 2 files on controler. Call Stäubli service to have some help !

  • Galet, Can you explain what you meant by Open and Close the 2 contacts? I am having the same problem and tried everything meniutozned above and the manual. even changed F2 fuse. no success. thanks for your time spent.

  • The door control is composed by 2 contacts (Safety signals).

    For all safety fonctionnalities (Emergency Stop, Doors...) the 2 signals need to arrive (and leave) in the same Time.

    Be sure that the 2 contacts of the doors are Ok (Solve the electrical issue)

    and before to aknoledge the issue, you need to open the 2 circuits and, after, close the 2 circuits (Normaly, you open the door and close the door).


  • Galet - How can I resolve this issue if I am running on a manual mode and still getting the

    USEREN1 error? I do not have any door in my setup. the manual says "Check wiring from these E-Stop to J109 3-22, 4-23, 9-28 and 10-29". but the wiring is fine! please advise.

  • Hello,

    If you don't have any door on your cell, DOOR1=9-28 and DOOR2=10-29 need to be closed on J109.

    USEB1/2 (14-33 and 15-34) are normaly used for Emergency Stop !

    Try to close DOOR1/2 and USEB1/2 and restart the controler. Be carreful because the robot can be dangerous !

    Read the EIEsgalho answer #16 and give the information (Display and 7 segment)

  • at the same time, I am getting " the (U) error on the controller which according to the manual means:

    E-Stop 1 order memorised: An emergency stop on line 1 has been recorded by the RSI board. This fault is reset the next time the arm is powered up". I restarted the controller bu the error is still persistent with the MCP parked.

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