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    Just to tell you that with the help of my local fanuc support, we found this solution bellow :

    To retrieve the contact stop statue with a DO, we need to use this variable "$CR_VAR[1].$STATE" into a BG Logic.

    0: contact stop is disabled on screen, 1: SAFE, 2: STOP, 3: DSBL, 4: ESCP

    And we write into the BG Logic




    Hope this will help other people.

    Hello everyone,

    First of all, I searched on this forum for similar thread, but I didn't find anything to help.

    So, I want to retrieve the contact stop statues of my fanuc CR7-ia/L, if it's on the "SAFE" state or on the "STOP" state. I want these statues to be retrieve in outputs.

    If you're wondering why I want to do this, it's because every time I start up my robot the contact stop is on "STOP" and I want to confirm the payload to set it on "SAFE" and I want it to be on output because, then I could confirm my payload with the help of my HMI. So whenever the contact stop is on "STOP", my HMI will see that my DO will be on or off, depends on which state I will be working on. Then, confirm my payload by setting a DI to ON.

    Further information of my robot if needed : CR-7iA/L V9.30P/24 System R-30iB Mate Plus

    Thanks for reading my request.

    Hi HawkME thanks for responding.

    However, I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what your saying.

    For me, I understood that I need to write in my BG Logic something like :

    if (DI[1:BP_Start]=off), JMP LBL1


    LBL [1]

    And so on for the reset and pause, and I need to change my UOP to correspond to the rack of flag like

    UI 2: HOLD, rack = 34, slot = 1 and start = 1

    UI 3: Fault reset, rack = 34, slot = 1 and start = 2

    UI 6: Start, rack = 34, slot =1 and start = 3

    Am I right?

    Hello everyone,

    just a simple question, is it possible to start/stop/reset a robot program with a remote control and an HMI, without a PLC ?

    I'm using a FANUC CR-7iA/L with a R30iB mate plus controller and a Pro-face HMI.

    I'm already using a remote control to do those things with the UOP, but I would like to do the same with my HMI and his smartphone/PC application to be able to start the robot or reset him remotely. And I want to have those two options available. I already figured out that my HMI can do it, but not with my remote control at the same time

    I thought of using interconnection, like perhaps instead of connecting directly my remote to the UOP, connect it to some DI used at the same time by my HMI. However, while trying to do so I find out that UOP aren't in the interconnect menu.

    I know it's possible to do so with a PLC, but I wanted to know if there is a way to do without.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my request and for anyone who puts a thought on it.

    Bu as you can see (I hope), I have a variable named $PLST_OVLD that I thought was probably the meaning of my problem, but when I try to set it to true I have a message 'Variable/field write-protected'.

    Do the variable $PLST_OVLD mean something to anyone? Or if it's not related at all ?

    Hello Fabian,

    Thanks for your reply,

    For information I can't change the CNT because, after this point I take a picture from a camera that is attached to the robot flange. However I will try to slow it down and I will let you know.

    Hello everyone.

    I'm coming back to this thread, to say that I finally managed to make it work with the macro.

    To summarize, on my HMI I have a button that activate a DI that is assigned to a macro that I created. This macro, launch a program who simply as a CALL instruction (CALL SR[1]).

    However, while I was testing it, I step on a problem. Which is that I have different payload for my program and at the start of each program the payload change. But when the payload change my program stop and I need to press the start button to launch it.

    Is there a way to bypass this?

    Quote from :

    Cause:  Abnormally high current flowed through the main circuit of the servo amplifier.
    Remedy:  Refer to the remedy of SRVO-045.

    SRVO-045 :

    Remedy:  Turn off the controller power, and disconnect the power cable  from the servo amplifier indicated by the alarm message.
    Also disconnect the brake cable to avoid the axis falling unexpectedly.
    1.  In the above condition, supply controller power again and check if this alarm occurs again. If this alarm occurs
    again, replace the servo amplifier.
    2.  About the power cable, check the insulation of their U, V, W and the GND lines each other. If there is a
    short-circuit, replace the power cable.
    3.  About the power cable, measure the resistance between their U and V, V and W, and W and U with an ohmmeter
    that has a very low resistance range. If the resistances at the three places are different from each other, the motor,
    the power cable is defective. Check each item in detail and replace it if necessary.
    Refer to the Controller Maintenance Manual for more information.

    Hope it helps you.

    Hi again Fabian, yes sorry I probably wrote what I mean badly, but thanks for your response about the macro I'll try it.

    Hi mastro, my robot will work continually after the barcode is scanned. What I mean is after the operator has scanned the barcode, the operator will write the number of kit that we need on the HMI that it's linked to a register and at the present select the program on the teach, get out of the robot space and start the program with a remote control and the robot will work until the last kit. Thanks for your response I'll try it too.

    Hello Fabian, thanks for your response. I did what you wrote it worked, but I don't understand why you wanted me to do this. I know it's somehow related, but I probably didn't explain enough how my program/robot work or I don't understand what you are implying.

    So to summarize my robot is bagging different parts, and these parts are linked to the barcode that the operator must scan, but we do not bag on just one type of part, but on several so we have several barcode all linked to a program and I just wanted to scan the barcode and that it choose the right program.

    Hello HawkME, thanks for your response. I'll try to see how I could do this.

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