Call a program using SR and BG logic

  • Hello Fabian,

    Thanks for your reply,

    For information I can't change the CNT because, after this point I take a picture from a camera that is attached to the robot flange. However I will try to slow it down and I will let you know.

  • AD
  • Ok, so I tried slowing it down and even increase the CNT (for testing) but it didn't change, I have the same message 'Over payload change distance' and the same stop.

  • Looking at the error

    R30BP:SYST-324Payload number is changedWhen the payload change distance of Collaborative Robot is disabled, the payload number has been changed.You can avoid to pause a program to change the payload number when the payload change distance is enabled.

    I don't have a cobot, but the payload variables on a regular robot are $PLST. Maybe you can find the variable to disable it


  • Hi Fabian thanks for your information,

    I do have $PLST variables (see the atachment) but I didn't find anything like 'Payload change distance'.

  • Bu as you can see (I hope), I have a variable named $PLST_OVLD that I thought was probably the meaning of my problem, but when I try to set it to true I have a message 'Variable/field write-protected'.

    Do the variable $PLST_OVLD mean something to anyone? Or if it's not related at all ?

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