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    I had similar problems to this with a 6400, especially the temperature warning. turned out to be bad connection at the large connector motor cable into the base of the robot. it wasn't obvious as all the pins looked ok.

    This product manual has been great help, but it offen refers to a 'user guide' for further information like configuring parameters for I/Os and other details

    Does any one have a copy of such a manual, iv tried Google but to no avail

    Much appreciated

    I would recommend reading through operator and troubleshooting manuals to gain an understanding of Abbs. There is a good selection of reading in the manuals section, unless you are looking for something specific

    Resolved the issue after a cold boot, even though back up batteries were in good condition the main memory was corrupt.

    I initially thought it was the pendant because I have one pendant and two m94a controllers which both displayed identical issues.

    Hi all, acquired my first couple of robots from a factory, they appear to have been sitting unused for while. On power up the pendant shows the welcome screen and diagnostic warm start up procedure but shortly after the screen goes blank with a flashing cursor to the centre left of screen and remains blank along with the stop key LED being illuminated red. you can press any key and get an audible beep but the screen remains with the flashing cursor.

    Could this be a faulty pendant? i'v checked that all the boards power up and all LEDS go out