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    Interchange suggests more axes on a bigger axis. Is that correct? Maybe the other (two?) axes have to be deactivated.

    It is only a horizontal turntable with only 1 axis.

    Without "ActUnit INTERCH" i get this alarm

    Task: T_ROB1.

    Mechanical unit INTERCH is not active.

    Do you have the option for independent

    Independent Option is installed. And the seventh axis is configured as independent under Motion - Arm

    If i configure R1 axis 6 as independent and try IndAMove to move it, then it works just with that line. Without any "ActUnit" before.

    I am trying to make the independent axis move with the use of "IndAMove" instructions.

    Getting this alarm shown by the screenshot below


    Manual states that IndAMove activates ind.mode when called but when i run the code i get the error that states that i should not use ind.mode.

    Hello, i am trying to pick up a part and move it through a cycle. I can move the gripper pick up the original part no problem.

    I am using source on the original and by pulsing a signal i make a copy of the original appear on the pick position.

    In the attacher/detacher i have selected my source as child but the part wont stick to the grippper.

    I have attached the smart component connections screenshot.

    I have a suspision i need to somehow define wich copy of the source i need to grip maybe?

    Hey, wanted to gather some ideas on what projects/jobs to make as practise.

    What i got is 2 miniature pallets and sets of different sized blocks that fits on the pallet. (see picture)

    What ive done so far is using Pshift is:

    moved yellow blocks from one pallet to another.

    moved built a wall with yellow blocks (stacked horizontally 3x4)

    built a pyramid.

    Been having a blast so far, any more ideas?

    Hello have a MRC with the alarm 3011 comming up Before i can even start the robot.

    (welding interrupted)

    Usually this type of alarm comes up if the weld is having trouble igniting Before a weld but now it comes up as soon as we Close the gate and start the servos. Then it goes into external hold.

    I can move the robot manually just fine, but as soon as i push interlock + test start, the weld interrupted alarm comes up even though the robot is still in home position.

    Any ideas of what causes this?

    Standing on the line that says "REFP 1 P011" i did everything following instructions from above.

    Everything has worked up until im about to save the new position.

    "With servos on, press the REFP key so REFP1 shows on the Edit Buffer Line. Press the MODIFY key. Then the ENTER key."

    It gives the alarm 2220. Translated from swedish it says: "Show the instruction wich is to be changed"

    (Visa den instruktion som ska ändras.)

    Hello i have a robot with a DX100 controller. Robot is picking up pipes from a pallet with a magnet.

    It starts in one end, and keeps going along the pallet only addding X to the P-variable.

    What i cant figure out is where he adds approx 270 to the X value each cycle.

    Here is the program where he calculates the position:

    And here is a bit of code of the robot pick program:

    What id like to adjust is how much he adds to X value in the P20, and also adjust the first picking point in the pallet.

    How do i clear a safety walls file?

    Also whats the easiest way of setting them up in terms of filling in the numbers of how large the "box" is. And in what direction the wall is going to be expanded depending on what numbers i type into file.

    The setup is that robot gets coordinates on a object to pick up from a vision system.

    Has been working fine until today, crashed 3 times into the table because the head of it was flipped 180 degrees. But he still got to the coordinates that got sent to the robot. And crashes after he tries to leave.

    My question is what type do i put in (flip,noflip etc. dont have them all in my head), to make the robot get into the position i want it to and nothing else.

    My solution today was to create a simple movj with the robot already in the "pick" the part position 40cm above it.

    Could someone explain what the core problem of this error message is.
    Kept getting these errors when upping the movement speed of the robot. Got rid of it by playing around with some angles and the R axle

    ALARM 4783 FSU#1 CPU1
    [1, R1:SLURBT] (R is highlighted)
    ALARM 4783 FSU#1 CPU2
    [1, R1:SLURBT] (R is highlighted)