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    I don't know where to post it ,so i will post it here for now. This post want to be an info thread, not a request for help (for once).

    In these days i'm using a KR 70 R2100 (KRC4) with firmware v 8.6.6.

    I found an issue when i DO NOT close (;ENDFOLD) a FOLD in a routine or if i have a ;ENDFOLD without opening a ;FOLD. In my case the KUKA_HMI.EXE crashs without alarms when, during a T1 mode execution of the program i try to change from continuos movement in step by step. It happens also if you have some ;ENDFOLD without an opening ;FOLD.

    I'm not sure about the information yet ,but if i close the folds in the routine it doesn't happens.

    Obviously it was my mistake not to have closed the fold.

    If it happens to you too, try to check your folds. I hope this will help if it is needed.

    Have a good day.

    Example Not works:

    GLOBAL DEF Routine()

    ;FOLD ---------- CODE----------



    Example works:

    GLOBAL DEF Routine()

    ;FOLD ---------- CODE----------




    Now it works with big numbers because i modified it.

    in the lines:










    I set the input values of first point as zero (origin). Then i calculate the delta between zero and the other 2 points.

    It's like i am drawing my arc not where his really position is but near the zero of the base. In this way the x,y values of my 3 points are low. In the end i just need to find a radius of an arc. If it's a kilometer far from my origin or just at 2 millimiters it doesn't change the radius value. But for me is better use the little values instead of big ones.

    I'm not sure if i explained it well.

    Ye, i was talking about the radius of the arc ( in millimeters).

    Anyway this is the code i wrote to calculate the radius of my arc.

    The first part is just the resolution of the system to find out a,b,c. after that i calculate the arc.

    i tryed with the traslation of the origin to the first point of the arc to "fix" the approssimation of the robot and now it is working good.

    Goodmorning. Thanks for the replies. my problem was that I needed to calculate the radius of an arc passing through 3 points. To do that I used a system with 3 variables with very high X, Y terms due to the high distance of the points taken from the origin of the base. Approximating how the robot does made the error in the end turned out to be too large (The radious in the end it should have been 25 but it was 21 for the robot calculation). I was able to realize that it was a problem related to the max value of a REAL, but since I cannot rely on a PC to do the calculations I was "forced", as a solution, to consider the first point of the arc as the point of origin (so that the terms of my system were smaller). After that I still couldn't understand the problem about REAL but you solved a huge dilemma for me. Thanks so much guys.



    i have a problem with a kuka robot. i will not specify the robot because i think it's common for everyone. When i do a calculation with the robot and then with a calculator the results are different.

    i make an example:

    On robot : 1402.64*1402.64*199.69= 392869920

    On calculator: 1402.64*1402.64*199.69= 392869900,239424

    For the robot i'm using a REAL variable. This is just a little calculation, part of a bigger one. I have already a problem if it is so different.

    I don't get it, why the results are so different? Why doest it happens?

    Goodmorning everyone.

    i got a problem with a KUKA Agilus. When i try to do this movement:

    LIN_REL {Z -50} #TOOL

    the robot give me the alarm "Nominal speed A3".

    I necessary need to this exactly movement because i have to disengage from a point in tool to keep avoiding collision with the piece.

    I think i already found out the problem. From the start position it has a different "T" axes configuration respect the final position of the movement. So i imagine that it calculates a too high speed for the movement he wants to do and then he gives me the alarm.

    When i work with a frame it's easy to fix this problem, but in this case i have a LIN_REL movement. So i can't "force" the axis configuration to avoid this issue. I already tryed to reduce acc and vel to the minimum to see if it works but honestly i can't use this solution cause i have a time cycle to respect.

    Do you have any idea how to fix it?

    Thx for the help.


    i have this issue with most of the robot i worked on. I installed on each robot the version GripperSpotTech ( It works perfectly when i pres the deadman button, but sometimes the menu in the bottom left that i can use for opening or closing my gripper became non selectionable (like i'm not pressing deadman button). If i want to reabilites it ,i must select a random program of mine and it works again. This doesn't make sense for me. I don't know if i explained it well. Any ideas?

    Thank you panic mode for your answer. I already tryed with your solution, but if i press the button to increase(or decrease) the override,it change for a moment and then turn back to my OV_LIMIT. in other words I'd like to know if it's possible to not command the override from the buttons(disabling the override keys).I've already read manuals but i didn't found anything about.

    Robot spec: KRC4, Kss 8.3.39

    I need to know how to lock and unlock the possibility to change the robot's speed override. What i want to do is to set the override at 100% in a specific moment and work on the tcp speed. During this period i don't want to give the chance to change the override. Is that possible?
    Thank you for the help.

    Goodmorning...i have a big problem on an IRB 120 ABB Robot... I just did a fine calibration of three axis. I just realized that was enough update resolver. I had a backup of the program. I downloaded the backup into the robot and now i dont's see in calibration menu "calibrated manually" but as it was in origin "calibrated axis". The problem is that when i try now to do the update of resolver i have the alarm "robot memry data difference". I want to know is the "original axis data" are on controller, and if i can tranfer its from controller to robot(where now i think there are the "Bad calibration data ".Anyone can help me?

    Goodmorning everyone...i have a issue with an istruction that i need, but i can't find it. I always worked with KUKA and i'm completely inexperienced with ABB, so my question is: What is the homonym declaration of ENUM (on KUKA) for ABB?

    this is an example of what i do on KUKA and what i would to do on ABB:

    ; Cylinder
    ENUM CylinderCommand HOME,WORK,NONE
    STRUC StructCylinder CylinderCommand Command,CylinderStatus Status

    i know that with istr. RECORD i can do the structure. But for the enumeration? what can i do?
    Thank you for your time.

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