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    I understand, it seems quite ok to keep INWx from the file. After the ";" the guys before should have made mistakes. I will just verify into the robot interface after starting.
    I will test and keep you posted.
    I should be able to do that this week-end...

    Thanks a lot ! :top:

    So am I wrong again?

    How do you explain the initial file saying:
    "INW20=896 ; de 161-176 pour premier mot API "
    If I follow "your rule":
    INW means word
    so INW20 means 321 - 336

    but the original file, from the plant said: from 161 to 176...

    please help! :hmmm:

    I am correcting myself... :gibbo:

    I just find out something.
    Either we have INB or INW, the address (the number) is always in bytes
    so, when I saw INW20 .... from 161 to 176 it is OK in bytes!
    it is the same address if you write INB20 or INW20, the starting point is the same.

    Am I right guys?

    also, I made a mistake in my maths, I finally make a spreadsheet :pfeif:

    Please, could you still confirm the parameters after the "INW20" ?
    /////MY NEW IOSYS.INI /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    INW20=5,0,x1 ; de 161-176 pour premier mot API
    INW22=5,1,x1 ; de 177-192 pour deuxieme mot API
    INW24=5,2,x1 ; de 193-208 pour le troisieme mot API

    and so on???

    thank you for your return

    Hi everyone,

    I know it is an old post but I prefer reply here to stay in the same topic.
    I read a lot the forum this past few days, and I think PanicMode has the answer and the best informations about are here.
    Tell me if I am wrong and I will post somewhere else.

    I am also trying to find out how the IOSYS.INI works...
    We have 2 arms (KRC1 from Renault Plant) and they seem to work with Interbus for the API.
    We do not have the possibility to work with.
    So I am trying to remap with a LUTZE PLC (digital IN/OUT) we already have

    Anyway, the wiring is almost ready, I do not want to make a mistake in the IOSYS.INI...
    I found a wierd information on my IOSYS.INI:
    //////////ORIGINAL /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    INW20=896 ; de 161-176 pour premier mot API
    INW22=898 ; de 177-192 pour deuxieme mot API
    INW24=900 ; de 193-208 pour le troisieme mot API
    INW26=902 ; de 209-224 pour l quatrieme mot API
    OUTW20=896 ; de 161-176 pour premier mot API
    OUTW22=898 ; de 177-192 pour deuxieme mot API
    OUTW24=900 ; de 193-208 pour le troisieme mot API
    OUTW26=902 ; de 209-224 pour l quatrieme mot API

    First thing odd: how is it possible to "go" from 161 to 176 with the INW20 ?
    if I do the maths, I found INW20 to go from 340 to 356
    what is wrong with me?

    assuming my maths are wrong :uglyhammer2:
    if I want to re-map those into a DEVNET, should I write?:
    /////MY NEW IOSYS.INI /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    INW20=5,0,x1 ; de 161-176 pour premier mot API
    INW22=5,1,x1 ; de 177-192 pour deuxieme mot API
    INW24=5,2,x1 ; de 193-208 pour le troisieme mot API

    and so on???

    thank you for your return
    We are working (for hobby purpose as soon as we can) on those arms for almost 2 years now, I would really like to see them move :party2:


    We have an almost same issue with KUKA Renault robots.
    We cannot find how to run because of mysterious errors.
    We tried to rewire the X11 and avoid some errors but still...

    The problem is:
    I cannot ask here for a standard software without being banned
    I asked Kuka France and they said
    -they cannot send me anything but Renault documentation due to reglementation issues :icon_frown: :uglyhammer2:
    I read everything and nothing is helping me - they made documentation for plant and working robots :uglyhammer2:
    -there is ghost in second partition
    Again, it is Renault version of Kuka :uglyhammer2:
    Where could I find help to get them started?


    Hi everyone,

    Thank you very much for your answers.
    About the idea/choice to buy a robot without further information about it and no knowledge... But we had to start somwhere...
    I know we took a risk buying those robots, but the passion and the price were there...

    Firstable I would like to apologize about the software question - I thought it was OK, I have a robot, I thought there were not a the licence issue. But OK, I will ask to KUKA directly.

    About the KCP type, you are right, our is not suitable. I think we have 3 choices:
    1- unmount and check if the wiring is inside and buy a switch - we still need the switch wiring diagram...
    2- check the cabinet again and find the pinout (I found a diagram of the X19 and I am looking for the cabinet side pinout)- we still need the switch wiring diagram...
    3- find another KCP suitable $$$

    About the serial number issue, I found the file, situated in the HDD there: Program...\KRC\IR_SPEC\
    it is a ###.CAL file where the # are the serial number.
    I replace it with the right number and we no longer have a serial number issue message.

    We have to concentrate on the KCP for now.

    Our goal is to have a start:
    Kuka moving
    no error message
    and later we would like to program the movements with a rhino grasshopper extension... LATER!

    I will try to present the full project as soon as I can with a description of:
    Robot arm: type, number,pictures...
    Cabinet: type, number, software versions, options inside (I think there are a lot of services controllers and protocol due to the RENAULT plant where the arm was working)

    I hope you will all help us to understand like you did until now.

    Best regards, I will keep you posted.

    thank you very much for your replies.

    1/ the cabinets are for the same type of robots. All the plant, where we bought them, was equiped with the same robots.
    The thing is, they unconnect everyones and store them randomly separetely the arms and the cabinets...
    We sent only a guy with a truck to pick-up, so nobody looked to the references...

    We also had a first issue: no KCP with the pack. So we bought ONE on ebay.
    The KCP we have is compatible but we do not have a rotative switch to select T1 T2... we only have I O and the red emergency buttons at the top right of the KCP.

    We work on the first cabinet and robot arm for now. It is difficult to powerup both at the same time. We do not have much space.

    2/I will sumup a detailled situation ASAP. Here is the best I can do for now:
    Yes I read all the stuff in READ FIRST, maybe I lost something, I will re-read.
    We did not have anything else than paper wiring diagrams in the cabinets. So, I also downloaded a lot of KUKA documentations before powering and connect.

    Unfortunetly, there is nowhere talking about serial numbers in those documentations.
    They instantly talk about wiring or about calibrating, jogging....

    For now the robots are in a place where we cannot go every day whenever we want.
    So we unplugged the HDDs (2 HDDs + one was in a separate box for spare I believe) to reach the file at home and look forward.
    Do you think I could reach the files and change manually the robot serial number in HDD?
    I have one digit of difference xxxxxxxxx0 instead of xxxxxxxx1

    Our feeling is: It should be great to re-install a clean HDD.
    Do you know where we could download installation CDs?

    have a nice sunday!
    I keep you posted ASAP

    I am not fluent in english, sorry.

    Hi Everyone,
    I am new on the forum. we just bought 2 kuka arms for few euros with a friend.

    KUKA KRC1 V2.3.24 SP08 HF5
    from Renault plants apparently

    Their is no information on them about password... :help:

    we would like to go into expert mode to configure and explore before mistakes.
    I am not sure the cabinets and arms are exactly matching, so we put power on today without plugin the motors.

    The problem is: we can not access to the expert mode without a password.

    I tried:
    regedit: nothing happens
    net user KrcExpertProgrammer * : (for that we shut down and hold CTRL on an external keyboard) the USER command is not recognized.
    net use KrcExpertProgrammer * : (for that we shut down and hold CTRL on an external keyboard) the KRCEXPERTPROGRAMMER command is not recognized.

    please help!

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