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    Dear FANUC experts,

    In DCS Cartesian position check, there is a target model 1, 2, 3. I saw some examples people set these to 1, -1 or 0. I wonder what do these numbers mean?



    Dear FANUC expert,

    We have a code here written by a distributor. There is a line "COL GUARD ADJUST 120".

    I am told it is detection of collision and that number 120 is relative to the force sensitivity. But can any one tell me more about what that 120 mean exactly? Like what's its range (from 0 to some value?) and what to expect if I tune this value smaller or larger?

    Thank you.


    Dear FANUC experts,

    For picking part application, I am wondering if there is any standard/popular method to know if the end-effector has successfully picked up a part.

    The reason I am asking is, sometimes our magnetic cup picks up nothing, but it doesn't know, so it still goes through the entire rest of the process as if it was holding the part. I guess we can add force sensor to detect how much weight the end-effector carrying is? or use another camera to see if there is a part below the cup? Just wondering if there is any other quick way people are familiar with, or any suggestion.



    After trying a few options, the below little Python code is able to read all the position register. Testing the real robot IP too (Ethernet connection), also works!

    import urllib2

    link = ''
    response = urllib2.urlopen(link)
    webContent =

    file = open('position_register.txt', 'w')

    I am new to FANUC too. Reading the manual and attending their training help. I also watched a few Youtube videos, I found them useful, for example,

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    . Hope this helps. Interested to hear other people's experience too.

    Hi experts,

    I am new to FANUC, wondering if I use roboguide to simulate the vision process and find the coordinates of the parts, instead of displaying the coordinates in roboguide, is there a way to automatically save them to a text file so I can analyze those coordinates in other softwares?

    Thanks for any related advice.