Programming Examples For Handling Applications

  • Hallo All,

    I am new to Fanuc Robots, I have experience of working with Yaskawa Robots. I searched for examples or materials regarding programming but I couldn't able to find anything. Can anyone please help me how can I practice?
    Many thanks for your time.

  • I am new to FANUC too. Reading the manual and attending their training help. I also watched a few Youtube videos, I found them useful, for example,

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    . Hope this helps. Interested to hear other people's experience too.

  • honestly inform (yaskawa moto man) and fanuc are extremely similar.

    what you know as a variable, is called a register

    what you know as a system parameter, is called a variable.

    SLUBRT is, J1 J2 J3 J4 J5 and J6

    now you just have to find how to get to everything.

  • I have loved Fanuc so far, but my one complaint about Fanuc vs Motoman is that Fanuc does not provide the same sort of easy security as Motoman. It is a lot more work to make things tamper-proof, and (as a consequence of being user and programmer friendly) make it a lot easier for a minor change to have major impact, such as Position Registers being Touch-Up-Able from any program, but affected globally.

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