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    Gents, I just came across this post while looking for something else.

    You can change the number of payload schedules by changing the following variable. You must be in a controlled start to make the change.

    In controlled start go to $PLST_SCHNUM and change it to the number you need. Do a cold start and let the robot boot up. Go back into a controlled start and verify that $PLST_SCHNUM and $PLST_SCHMAD are both set to that number. Go back into a cold start and check the number of available payload schedules. I don't know what the max number you can have is; I've been up to 64.

    Good luck!

    Here's how I've been setting my I/O up for a few years.
    My Enet adapter config:
    Input Size: 24
    Output Size: 24

    Digital I/O
    #1 DO[1-240] Rack 89 Slot 1 Start 1
    #1 DI[1-240] Rack 89 Slot 1 Start 1

    This gives you plenty of I/O to work with.

    I also setup my group I/O and UOP signals but it sounds like you are just asking about the digital I/O.

    In my PLC I setup the Ethernet module definition. It depends on if you have a standard application or a CIP Safety configuration.
    For a standard application I set Robot Slots to 1-4. Under the Connection Tab I set the input size to 48 and the output size to 48.

    I hope this helps!

    There is also an option you can purchase from FANUC called Ethernet IP EDA. If you are using a Rockwell PLC, you can install the AOI that comes with the load media. It creates a robot data type that has the ability to write to PRs. I believe there is also a .L5X or .L5K file for the PLC that, when imported, creates a routine that has an explicit message in it to send the data over to the robot.

    Currently I have V9.10P/05. I had an Auto Update fail when I tried to install an option with a PAC and FANUC told me to update my Auto Update to V9.10P/10 to see if that resolves the issue. Just after my last reply I went on to cRc to re-download the software only to find that the link for V9.10P/10 was gone. I wonder if they discovered the problem with the download and pulled it?

    I think I found my problem. On FANUC's site, they say you can check your download by running the apverify.bat file. If it fails, you are missing a file. When I ran it, it failed. I downloaded the file again and it failed again. I guess I gotta give FANUC a call and find out whats wrong with the download....

    Hello, I would like to install the newest AUTO Update (V9.10P/10 AUTO Update). I've downloaded it from FANUC but I have never done this before and for the life of me cannot figure out how to install it. Anyone ever install a new AUTO Update before?

    I would like to use a system variable to set a DI when the robot is aborted. Anyone know what system variable gets set when the robot is aborted?

    Thanks Fabian,
    I gave that a try and it did eliminate one of the 2 parts that overlapped but not both. So it still tried to pick one of 2 and hit the other. Am I missing something else?

    The problem is the when the operators load parts in the trays they sometimes put them too close together so when the robot picks it hits the part next to it. I don't have a problem find/picking the parts normally. I just want to detect when that's the case and not go for the parts that are too close to each other.

    Hey Folks,
    I have a simple vision process where I'm just getting an offset and picking a part. That's working fine. My problem is that the operator sometimes puts the parts too close together and when the robot picks it hits the other parts. I tried to come up with a way to detect if the parts are too close using an additional vision process but couldn't figure out a way to do it. My preference would be to use a vision process to see if the parts are too close and keep the robot from picking any parts that are closer than 5mm to each other. Parts are round cylinders standing on end and there could be any number of them in the part tray at anytime. Any advice?