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    Is there a file that stores the KAREL positions in a backup?

    The Karel-Vars, Positions and other are stored inside ".vr" files.

    ".sv"-files are (technically) also karel variable files.

    A ".vr" file does not need a corresponding ".pc"-karel-program.

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    Hello leidai5,


    As far as I know, the only two ways to change the representation of a PR is either manually on the TP or by doing PR[X]=JPOS

    The representation of a Posreg can be changed with a Karel-Prog too.


    using a command like

    PR[1]= UTOOL[1]

    will change the Reprentation to the type "POSITION"

    you see something like NX, NY...



    maybe the PMC function is or was used.

    Accessing the (internal)PMC-IO's is done via the "10000++ " ID's.

    from PMC pdf:

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    My question is simple, is it possible to index a system variable

    No you can't.

    You have to code it by hand with select/case and/or LBL/JMP LBL


    you can also use a sub program(with select case inside) for setting vars



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    Hi i_robot72

    in the past I always used the "$MC_PATH" variable for this, which only exists on virtual robots.

    You can intercept with Karel if this is present.

    But in TP this is not possible.

    Since some time I use in TP for this : "$NULL_CYCLE"

    On a virtual controller this is normally zero and does not change!!!

    On the real controller it changes its value between MinINT and MaxINT.

    So you can check this against zero to determine that the controller is virtual.

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    Very good point! I'm going to try this on the actual robot and see if it has to do anything with that actually. Because before I remember my bytes being in big-endian format but when running it on the virtual robot it is in little endian which is really weird. But that could account for the wrong end of the information taken. Why would the virtual robot use little endian while the robot pendant itself use big endian?

    Yes. it is like you said.

    I believe it's because the real controller is based on fanuc's "more unix like" os and/or processor type.

    The virtual controller runs "inside"windows X86/64..


    if you have roboguide installed, check this folder:

    "c:\ProgramData\FANUC\FRVRC Media\V9.40\product\gige\"
    check the ".cam" files e.g. --> acA1920-48gm

    .. so this is a "compatibility list" for your specific Controller-Version (V9.4,V9.1)

    You can also check the FR or MD device at the real controller for ".cam" files

    I tried that by myself.

    First I borrowed and then bought a camera from a "basler" reseller.

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    Hi StoopidEngineer,

    a lot of people are using ultraedit. I think there are a couple of "highlighters" available.

    Or you can use vs code or vs codium . Plugins are available.

    But don't expect too much. Fanuc's TP is not very TXT-file-friendly:

       1:  R[50:tmpOVR]=$MCR.$GENOVERRIDE ;
       2:  R[AR[2]]=AR[1]/R[50:tmpOVR]*100;  

    - Comments may or may not be shown inside the ls file

    - Indirect arguments

    - line numbers...


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    at real robot:

    Create a program.

    Teach one point at the left side(table surface) in front of the robot.

    --> P[1]

    Move(instruction) the robot with an offset of 500mm(1000mm) to Y-, measure.(WORLD COORD)

    !PR[1]= 0,0,0,0,0,0

    !PR[1,Y]= -500

    J P[1] 25% fine;

    L P[1] 100mm/sec fine Offset PR[1];

    Is your measurment result ~500mm ?

    No? --> Mastering,Calibration is not correct.

    By the way , why did you master the robot?

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