Can't delete *.VR file

  • In order to update a KAREL program where the new version contains updated type definitions, I need to delete the original *.PC program and its corresponding *.VR file. Deleting the *.VR doesn't work, and the variables file remains on the controller which means I can't upload the updated version as it leads to variable mismatch errors. Any ideas?


    After restarting a couple of times I've got it working in the sense that I could delete A.VR which was referenced in B.PC/B.VR. Still could not delete B.VR, but since A.VR was now deleted, I could reload A.PC and then B.PC with the updated type.

    Still interested if anyone knows what's going on since this feels like I just got lucky with restarting a couple of times

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  • Hi hoitzing,

    It's actually quite simple:

    Select another program ( e.g. a TP Program like abortit).

    Check that none of the programs is running (bg, shell or "front")

    Then delete all(!) programs that refer to named arrays/structures/vars.

    (Since TP programs can use karel vars too, you might have to delete them also)

    The order of deletion can also be important, depending on how the variables and routines are shared.

    Afterwards delete the VR file(s). (also pay attention to the order here)

    No restarts are necessary for this.

    (maybe use controlled start)

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