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    I noticed at some point that i could not get a connection to OL thru workvisual or it could require 10 transfers to maybe get 1 to go thru. Browse for project was the same download failed almost exclusively, but i was always able to ping it. After some investigation i found that alot of crap protocols had gotten activated for every imaginable network adapter my computer had. VPN's, a crap load of vision protocols to name a few. Disabled as much as possible and re-enabled one at a time until i had the same problem, sophos vpn something something was the culprit.

    Might be worth a shot opening up the properties on OL related network adapters and checking if you got something extra laying around.

    Thanks for this. Yes there is sufficient memory. I also used to save the state instead of shutting the OL down.

    I am going to check this out when I am back to work. We surely use sophos on the host, but I did not think towards this because it was on the host before, and the OL was working fine with it.

    I think this issue has to do with the number or size of the files. I made a restore to almost at the beginning of the project. The OL worked fine after a reboot. As I gradually added files I could tell that the performance was getting worse until I began to lose connection between Workvisual and the OL during transfers. Thank you all for your contributions.

    Thank you for the suggestions! The processor core number is set to 4 with 4 GB memory. The project size has not been dramatically increased since it last properly worked. I will attempt an update or a restore of the configurations via the Backup Manager.


    I have been working on a project on OfficeLite KRC V8.7.OL_Build04 (network licence) for several months with Workvisual 6.0.26_Build2225 without problems (The host is Windows 11). At the beginning, during a new start this OfficeLite used to take a bit longer to load the other OfficeLite V8.6.OL, but it works. The issue now is, not only that it now takes more than 10 minutes to start, the transfer of a change .src files takes forever. Sometimes the transfer is not successful after a long time hanging. Sometime the error "Unable to establish connection to the KRC. Robot control is not possible" pops up. I can confirm a good connection to the server.

    Is there a suggestion on what could go wrong here? Thanks for your inputs!

    OfficeLite is on Virtual Machine.

    Though there is no information about the robot and the controller and type of message, depending on if you have message library, I guess you would like to consider using MsgState to display which message and CLEAR_KRLMSG to clear/"acknowledge" the specific message. Something like:

    ;Printing the specific message with index
    MsgState(nHandle[index],"Message to display here","Info")
    ;Clearing the specific message
    DEF RobotManualMoved ()
        bRobotJogged= TRUE ; set to true when someone moved in Teach mode
        bRobotJogged= FALSE ; Reset when robot is in Home position

    Call RobotManualMoved () in sps.sub

    Depending on the structure of your program, if you properly defined it in the main program such that the robot should first be moved back Home after someone has switched to Teach Mode and jogged the robot then using the above variable $IN_HOME to reset bRobotJogged should do it. Otherwise the variable should be reset in a suitable and safe location in the program where the robot can then be started in automatic.

    $IN_HOME is set to True when XHOME is completed (with the condition $H_POS=XHOME)

    There have been a lot of redundant questions about Interrupt handling lately, so I decided to make a heavily-commented example file that should (Hopefully!) point people with the same questions to as a starting point.

    I don't have a KRC handy to test this on, though, so I can't guarantee I haven't missed something subtle here.

    DEF InterruptExample ( )

    Thank you for this work!

    My first VKRC is 4 so I am not completely sure about the old KeyFiles contents. You can only switch to Expert when the "ExternalUserList" configuration file in the KeyFiles is not modified and the file not renamed. They should also be in the first accessible level in the disk. ../ KeyFiles/Key_2.txt does not contain the configuration information. Does your KeyFile contain any ExternalUserList? Did you obtain the right files from the previous owner?

    I am not sure what you meant by changing VKRC1 to KRC1 because they are different controllers.

    Can we change all settings from Safe Operation with the login of Admin, or do we need to login as 'Safety Maintenance'?

    No. This is unfortunately not possible. Each user has certain rights, and safety is strictly restricted to those who have the required qualification.

    "kuka" is the default passport for all user until this is changed during or after commissioning. After every safety adjustment the proper protocol is done with the signatures of the responsible people.

    Since the change is required by the customer I believe the customer must provide the actual login details to you for such changes.

    If you just want to print a message on the KCP you might want to use just msgnotify:

    int E
    MsgNotify("The current value is %1 ",, E)

    The disadvantage here is, the message printed can not be cleared from by a program, but can be acknowledged/cleared by users. Message not cleared will populate the message screen on the panel.

    If this is not your case, if you search in this forum there are several other examples to suit you need or take a closer look at the subprograms in the KUKA message library MsgLib.

    What do you mean by "controller can't recognize this variable to reset it"? Can you change the value of the variable usercont directly from KCP when no robot program is active? If no, then I believe the problem might be as Panic Mode said, or if yes, you put that condition in a wrong place in the submit interpreter.

    Where did you write the IF condition in the sps.sub? It must be written in the loop section (not the initialization section). Everything is run only once at the beginning whenever sps.sub becomes active and then enters the loop.

    Hi SkyeFire,

    I had the same problem last week and it cost me hours to figure out the Ping problem. I wish I had read your post earlier. I used different intervals but I could not find the fault. I had to completely remove it to get the system function again. Does anyone know how the Ping option work with EKI, or is there any material I can read to find out?