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    I examine the laser tracking macros. and notice that "skillsnd lsrchof" etc. and ı am new to motoman robots. command does not work with another string . so ı think these string commands like lsrchof or corron is about the communication.

    Actually the question is that where can ı examine the string commands in robot or is there any list about these commands

    sorry about my bad english

    thx in advance

    Hi Guys;

    Does anyone clearly explain how SKILLSND works? For example "SKILLSND LGETPOS" what is the function of the LGETPOS here? I could not find good explanation for this command in manuals or notes.

    Thx in advance for your help.. :smiling_face:

    First of all thx for your reply;

    Sry forgot the right down KSS (8.3.20). Value of the $advance=1 and Teach the positions 1 degree for all circular points.(Circular pipe welding with 5 pass).
    The answer of your obvious question is that our customer wants to compensate the path while watching the welding.Cause they can not manufacture the pipe consistent.And also I think Arc Voltage Control is not just controlling the height it also moves the robot to the left and right sometimes therefore ı have to make adjustments on the fly.

    I dont have much experience on RSI but can u give me any hint about function generator. Could it be helpful on my problem.
    thx in advance have a nice day

    Hi All;

    I have tig welding project and customer wants to edit path while welding in AUT mode;
    Using tool_corr.y variable and 2 buttons to change path in AUT mode but this system reacts too late cause of the tool correction variable changes the next command . Therefore our welding quality decreases.
    Dear PROS do u have any alternative and faster ways to compansate path in aut mode except laser tracking.

    thx in advance.

    Do u know any variable to change the coordinates like tool_corr.y vs... This will help to solve the problem .Because we wanna use this function until settiing a welding parameters. After that customer wont need to use this.

    Thx for ur reply also :smiling_face:

    Hi Roboters;

    Our customer demands us to jog the robot for compansating the y direction with respect to tool direction in aut mode while welding. We are using arc_voltage control to compansate z axis(tool frame). Therefore we put the buttons and connected to buttons to plc. when operator push the button for tools y+ movement robot changes the next position values so we cant change the actual pos. Also , we are welding the circular material when it changes the next pos values circle movements changes also.

    And tried to change variables like this...
    Tool_corr.y=[x,y=50,z,a,b,c] and that is not a solution for our system.

    exactly what ı am traying to do is that when we press the button robot must go to y + 1 mm but it mustnt change the position values
    Wv .. 4,0,10

    thx in advance for your help;


    Arcsense stop welding white it measures The signals cause of cant get good signal.
    Kr 16 KSS 8.3.17
    Fronius TPS 5000
    SP mode chosen

    İt only works within high welding speeds and it decreases Thé depositon öf welding doesn't ayn body knows Thé reason öf that

    THX in advance

    Hi Roboters;

    We have some problems to use Kuka Arcsense option properly. Most of the time when we start welding error occures that RSI stops the welding cause of the bad signal. Read the manual of Arcsense couple of times and couldn't solve the problem.

    Actually we step up the solving this broblem by measuring the resistant via welding power source after that RSI worked but not at all welding paths.

    We demand your help your helps to use arcsense more efficient.

    thanx in advance for your helps. Sorry for my English :smiling_face:

    called multilayer module as a subprog and call the root, positiv,negative offsets via the case numbers in the main program and teach the arcon arcswitch ,arcoff points in the multilayer module (root case).

    giving the offsets in the TP/MULTILAYER/MLDATABASE ... but couldnt solve the how offsets works. When we give the +y =5 offset it goes somewhere else....


    thx for ur helps till now

    hi roboters;
    does anyone knows how to use multilayer in a program or add a multilayer options to nlineform?
    ı think we call multilayer as a subprog how can ı call a subprog in a main program.

    waiting for ur helps? thx in advance

    Hi Roboters :hmmm:;

    when ı am trying to open a module/program syntax error tab occurs at pendant. Search the posts in here find similar posts but couldn't solve the problem.

    First KRC/R1/TP/ARCTECHBASIC/-------> at this path when we load a opt package(KOP File) via wv arc error handler.src/dat and arcmain src.dat files gives the syntax problem.

    we delet all optian packages on controller and kop files on wv and installed them one by one. solve the problem until ATA kop file but cant load ATA kop file to KRC via WV. it gives an error . :help:

    ATA : V1,2,1
    ARCSENSE : V2,0,2
    RSI : V2,0,2

    by the way we installed the same project to master robot/(Roboteam) it worked fine. :uglyhammer2:

    Hi roboters,

    we are building a system with 3 external axis and the robot(Kr16) is mounted at the flange of the system. when we are trying to move external axis 3 it gives the overcurrent servo and servo drive errors.(KSS 26012 and KSS 26139). And we build exactly the same system it didnt give errors like this.

    What may be the reason for this errors . Waiting for your help.. Thx in advance.

    :dance2: hi roboters?

    we cant use arc senseit s not working. we did wv set up and do the ıo mapping (Fronius tps 5000) . but it does not find the path and we tried the chandge tool direction on wv. plz help us :party2:

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