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    If using the Auto Backward Execute option, is there a way to assign the actual "Do Backward Exit" macro to an input? I tried mapping macro table to a DI, but it gives 'no motion group specified' alarm? (do backward exit is a non-motion .pc file in the select menu).

    It appears that this option is intended to easily recover. It would be great if I could assign the execute-backward to a button as Zeytey indicated the Staubli robot can do.

    I am looking for a variable to monitor that would indicate some part of the robot is moving even if ever slightly. I want to link this to an output for the PLC to monitor for gate request pending. On Motoman there is a specific output that does this and it works quite well. Does anyone know this variable for Fanuc? Or another way to accomplish my goal?
    Note: $MOR_GRP[1].$ROB_MOVE doesn't appear in the variable list for R-J3iB Vr 6.4.

    Greetings esteemed colleagues: I have a customer adamant about using Keyence for robot-mounted camera 2D vision. Keyence supplies a bunch of .pc files that the Keyence controller uses to communicate. I have loaded all the files and am getting an INTP:320 (KEYENCESETUP, 227) Undefined built in alarm. (surprise, surprise). I am hoping someone out there can send me the source code (.kl files) for the following Keyence supplied .pc files:
    Any help appreciated!

    That is just a warning and will prevent running. If there is nothing connected to the robot you can clear IO assignments via menus-->5-->Link Device-->F4 CLR_ASN. Then cycle power. Warning: this will un-config all digital, group and UOP assingments.

    Ext start is a rising edge signal that needs to occur after servos are on. In other words if you ON ext servo on AND turn ON ext start together it won't work. Need to turn ON ext servo on, wait for servo ON input, then turn ON ext start.

    The BMOV length is bytes not bits. BMOV , 16 #00150 will go to #00300. This will not allow any additional output mapping in this range. Existentially you are attempting to double-map #00170

    Is this Arclink over devicenet with R-J3iB? (going from memory). I had an issue where the arclink card supplied by the robot's internal 24VDC supply was causing issues like you suggest. I added an external 24VDC PS just for the arclink communication and problem solved. Try that.
    I also seem to recall something significant about DIP switch#4 on the arclink card having to be ON to differentiate between devicenet and arclink.
    Hope this helps

    When I drag my motosim from laptop screen to external (extended) monitor the simulation screen goes all white. The tool bars, CAD tree and everything else is visible, but the floor and all models become whited-out.
    Anyone know of a fix?

    Does anyone know if most robot models of R-30iB use 24VDC brake coils? I might make my own brake release PS. I'm not sure which manual to look at.

    further to that you can set arc end time to 300 also and set arc detect time, pre-flow and post-flow all to 0.0. These are global settings, but knock off significant time.

    I have used it with decent success. Knocked .3 sec off each start. Just need to check weld lengths and overlap. I used production stat variables to collect data before enabling and after. No effect on arcstart failures, BB, or WS.