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    what is the robot type shown in BOF

    what was the length of the other robot?

    I quickly trying to check the machine data KUKA KR 150-2K (sadly there is no KUKA KR 150-2K, KUKA KR 150-2 only)

    I only found

    KUKA KR 150-2 with 3500 mm


    KUKA KR 150 with 3000 mm




    in your post #3 Step 5 you have the information you need to do the calculation:

    This is the easy way:

    R11 must not be abs(1) this would mean that j5 = 0.0 deg => s5 = 0)!


    R11 = c5

    j5 = +/-acos(R11)

    j5 = atan2(+/- sqrt(1 - R11*R11, R11))

    R21 = s4*s5

    R31 = -c4*s5

    j4 = atan2(+/-R21, -R31)

    R12 = s5*s6

    R13 = s5*c6

    j6 = atan2(+/-R12, R13)




    In the configuration you have to set the number of the input (see I/O).

    If there is no input available you can use 1025 (for TRUE) or 1026 (for FALSE)



    Hi all,

    who is closing a thread?

    Helping each other means (at least to me) that, if a problem is solved, the initiator will tell what he/she finally did and all others can follow that sequence in order to solve this problem as well.

    At the moment it seems to me, if you do not get the final resonse of the initiator, he is happy and therefore there is no need to respond anymore

    Is this the way how it should work?:?:




    +X is in the standard +X direction, +Y is in the standard +Y direction, but +Z is in the standard -Z direction. In other words, the gantry's coordinate system looks like a right hand with the thumb inverted, or maybe a left hand equivalent.

    Follow the rule (Z always up) leads back to the to your question.

    Normally you just would rotate around x-axis of 180.0 deg. In this case z-axis as suggested by previous posts, but y-axis is in the opposite direction.

    So, you created a very special robot which may cause a lot of problems working together with other standard robots

    (why make it easy?!)

    Am I being paranoid? I know theory and practice don't always align, so I'm hoping for some feedback from you folks. Thanks in advance!

    In my opion you are not paranoid , just realistic




    to summerize:

    you have3 a kr c2 (because of the 133 main board)

    you have a mfc2 card (pci)

    Exclamation marks does not mean that the driver are not working, they may work but probably not working as expected!

    can you show the complete device list (searching for mfc2)




    the sequence of start up as I figured out so far would be:

    1. cross3

    1.1 initializing all of its trabants

    1.2 starts vxworks

    1.3 starts HMI

    1.3.1 starts KukaDB.exe for national translations

    1.3.2 starts (at the beginning you will see the splash screen (in german: "lege den Mantel des Schweigens darüber"))

    1.3.3 load all TechPackages (?)

    vxworks will load data and initialize (?)

    any help recommaded




    I messed around with KSS 4.1.OL and KSS did not want to start.

    set the traffic ligt to green and using menu item log to set log on

    Now you should be able to see sonmething

    The reason why KSS did not come up in my case KukaDb. exe could not be startet




    how many clones do you have?

    As a first step I would examine the hard drive.

    Connect the drive as external hdd to you PC

    check for defragmentation (I used defraggler for that)

    check hdd for lost clusers (chkdisk)

    run your virus scanner for the external hdd.

    If all these tests are passed

    try to create an archive

    if not

    make a zip file of the init directory

    make a zip file of the log directory