Has Anyone Worked On Turin Robots?

  • I was just contacted by Turin Robots, China, wanting me to become a U.S. distributor for their line.

    They advertise 20,000 robots worldwide with a 40 year history, and the catalog, videos and manuals they have sent make them to be a good robot.

    Has anyone here ever had the opportunity to work on or program Turin robot?

    This looks like a good opportunity to expand into industrial robots, but I would like to hear some feedback on them first. Good and Bad.

  • Estou dando uma pesquisada sobre esse robô, mas não acho nenhum documento sobre ele.

    Se possível, teria como enviar os manuais desse robô?

    I'm doing research on this robot but I can't find any documents about it. If possible, could you send the manuals for this robot?

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