Welding arc

  • Hi,

    We have a problem with starting the KUKA stand.

    The robot is a KUKA KR6/2 control cabinet KRC-1 with a MERKLE PU 400 RS analog welder.

    It doesn't show any errors when connected.

    Only when we write a short program, the robot cannot ignite the welding arc.

    Any tips? :winking_face:

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  • Yes,

    - make sure that Merkle is switched on

    - check cables

    - check i/o signal/state

    - check krl programme

    With all the given information it is impossible to make any suggestions!

    Can you provide some more useful information?

  • Everything you write about is already checked!

    I wouldn't post without turning on the welder :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:

    The only thing you could expand on is the KRL program

  • Was the system working before or is it a new setup?

    Do you use ArcTechAnalog (A10) or wrote the krl program yourself?

    Do you have something like cold and hot welding?

    What's about the welding parameter?

    Also pictures could help

  • Only when we write a short program, the robot cannot ignite the welding arc.

    What does this mean? Details matter.

    Does nothing happen at all? Is there an error message? If so, what is the error message?

    What command are you using to start the arc? With what signals? Are those signals changing state when you execute the command?

    What KSS version are you running? What KUKA-ARC version?

    Did you build this system, or buy it complete? Did it work before?

  • Everything you write about is already checked!

    checked by someone inexperienced can mean things are overlooked or not checked at all. of all thing you said are checked, i only consider one to be true - Merle was turned on. there is no reason to doubt that one, but i see absolutely no evidence for other points to be checked in any way.

    if you check other threads you will see that most users start by stating that "they have checked everything". however the reason they come to forum asking for help is a clear indication that they did not check it or at least not the right things or not the right way... so as far as i am concerned they may as well have used city tour map instead of schematics and dowsing rod instead of DMM. maybe that puts some perspective on "details matter".


    how exactly did you check wiring? using what schematic? using what tools?

    how exactly did you check IO configuration? did you do IO check?

    how exactly is your program controlling welder? using what IOs?


    how is your German?

    33 = welder ok (not TRUE)

    34 = current ok (not TRUE)

    35 = water ok (not TRUE)

    36 = Crash contact (TRUE)

    so clearly either Welder is not connected, or connection is wrong or welder is not ready for whatever reason (check troubleshooting section of the welder manual)

    and how about this:

    it looks like robot is trying to start weld (output 33 is true). that of course is assuming that IO map is correct.

    1) read pinned topic: READ FIRST...

    2) if you have an issue with robot, post question in the correct forum section... do NOT contact me directly

    3) read 1 and 2

  • I'm just trying to solve a problem that robot tech support can't handle. it only transmits what the technical support page tells us. But this writing reassures me that the service doesn't know what it is doing and how to solve it 🥴

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  • Do you have the user manual for the merkle?

    There should be a trouble shooting section and also a sequence diagram for comms

    I agree with panic mode


    - make sure that Merkle is switched on

    - check cables

    - check i/o signal/state

    did you really checked everything

    I am just wondering to get "crash Kontakt" and not "stromquelle bereit"

  • robot tech support cannot handle case with no info. same is here on this forum.

    to see what you have, YOU need to start digging deeper and sharing the findings. you provided next to nothing that could be useful.

    so far there is zero mention of wiring, welder parameter, welder configuration, welder state indicators, if the welder can be used manually (without robot) etc. you never shared link to the manual so here is one i found.

    same goes for robot - if you robot has some IOs at all, if they are operational etc.

    show us the configuration and mapping. this would be the top part if IOSYS.INI

    then we can see what device if any is using I/Os 33-36. for all we know, there may be no driver enabled.

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