Programming KUKA robot by using DELMIA

  • Hello everybody ,
    I have problems in programming KUKA robot by using DELMIA ,when I "Create Robot Program" and change downloader to KUKA and then save it .
    after that all the "Retract" , "Pick" and "Drop" Actions appear like a note: ";Retract" , ";Pick" and ";Drop" so the robot don't do it .
    and the second problem is the Tool for the gripper is "Tool[4]" but the Tool[0] to Tool[9] are reserved for another frames so we can't use it ,How I can change it to Tool[10] .

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  • Hi,

    1. You'll have to use the KUKA actions provide in startup dir
    2. KUKA translator just counts the tools - so if you create dummy tools inbetween you'll get any number you want ...

    good luck ...

  • I use the NRL Download Tool, in the Robot Offline Programming menu. But the values of X Y Z A B C has the decimal separator "," instead "."
    This cause compilation error on the robot.
    I can´t find solution for this error.

  • Hi everyone; I am facing a problem while generating offline programming for kuka in Delmia V5. During generation of program simulated part follow the reference frame as world while program generates having reference as base. Due to this change simulation environment and real environment is not matching. Is there any option to change program reference from base to world? Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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