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    Late answer for future researchers.

    A tool is created from scratch in two steps (at least).
    First you have to create or import the geometry. You can use CATIA for example, to create a product composed by some parts.
    Constraints created in the Assembly Design have effect further on the design, but not the Joints, that have to be created in DELMIA.
    Do not set up a constraint where you have to define a joint afterwards.
    Once you finish your design in CATIA, you have to open the tool in the Device Building workbench in DELMIA. There you are able to define the Frames of Interest, where you must configure the base frame and the tool center point. These two frames are references you will use to show the robot where to pick up the tool and which is the specific point the tool apply its force, spot weld, etc.
    Also, you have to define the tool joints and mechanisms, and create the commands to control the tool movements. At this point, you can also create home positions for the tool, that will be useful for positioning for example, the open and close states of a spot welding machine.
    Once you completed this tasks, the tool is ready to import into a DELMIA Process as a resource. To be able to use it as a robot tool, you have to "Set Tool" in the Robot Management toolbar. There you will be asked for the base frame and the tool center point. It is also important to create a Tool Profile, that you can use when you are teaching a task to your robot, to specify him which tool his is using at every moment (specially important when you change tools during a process).
    A tool can also mounted / unmounted, that is in case you have for example a quick exchanger.

    Back at work! I´ve been busy with other things... the DeviceNet net failed last week when trying to connect another module (a FESTO pneumatic and D IO block) in a Daisy Chain config.
    Luckyly we worked it out and is now working fine. It was a strange problem since I was sure the config files where OK, but the KRC kept sending an error in writting the driver. I made a copy of the file, run some tests with the original one that didn´t work, and finally returned to the backup deleting the modified file. When I reconfigured the IO driver with the untouched file it started working... crazy

    Back to the Profibus issue (now is personal), I made some progress but I can´t get the 5614 PB card to accept the S7 300 as her slave.
    I will now try a new version of Step7 and I think I have to learn how to configure a PLC as a DP slave and get it in the "Configured Stations" folder.
    That´s where I think I´m failing. I left you an image where you can see what I´ve done.

    The multi tap doesn't need any drivers or configuration, it's just a way of connecting several devicenet plugs, it's got a 24v power connection and if you look all the of the CAN lines are joined. One of the leads should go up to the MFC.

    Hi Eusty, quick question: is it possible to connect multiple devicenet nodes on each multi-tap A30 connector in a daisy chain config? or should I connect only 1 node per output?
    In my case, I have a beckoff IO module in X943.3, a FESTO pneumatic valve isle in X943.2 working fine. And I want to add a WAGO IO module in X943.2.
    Is taht possible? I´m having an "error reading DevNet driver", or smth like that. Is it possible that a 20m drop line to the FESTO isle is causing some troubles?
    Thanks again!!

    Eusty, the DeviNet is running fine with 2 Wago IO modules and a FESTO pneumatic block.
    Now I´m trying to operate a little machine that helps the robot in some of its tasks. That´s why, conceptually, I wanted the PLC to operate as a robot slave, but I´m afraid that´s not possible.
    If the PLC was used as a robot cell master I wouldn´t bother in trying to connect it as a slave, but I thought that was the correct choise for this particular application.
    Do you both think that other architecture is recommended?
    Thanks for the CP_5614 manual, I´ve already had a similar version.

    Thanks leg! I searched in the D disk of the robot but I only found a "Tranfer Configuration Program" (it looks pretty old!) and I couldn´t figure it out how to use it.
    So, I read the manual and I tried to follow the instructions, but it wouldn´t let me to add an S7-300 as a slave, even if I had previously configured it as a slave.
    The only difference is that I´m using SIMATIC Manager instead of SIMATIC NCM PC Manager, but I think that´s not the problem.
    Maybe the CP_5614 card doesn´t admit S7-300 as a slave... problems with the GSD file?
    I attached a picture where you can see the error that pops up when I tried to add the previously configured PB Slave CPU 31X t to the SIMATIC PC Station profibus net.
    Any hints?

    Thanks eusty! I´m sure that set up can be done. The S7 300 can be used either as a master or a slave, and also can the KUKA PCI card.
    I will dig a bit more about export functions of Step 7 (I´m also using that version).
    The version of NetPro I have doesn´t come with the CP_5614 card. Maybe it can be upgraded.

    Hi! I need some help to generate the database file.
    I´m configuring a profibus net with KR500 robot as a master with a CP_5614 PB card.
    The slave will be a Siemens S7 300 (CPU 313C-2DP).
    Where do I get the COM profibus software? Is there any other free SW to do this? What about Sycon?
    Thanks for your help!