is it possible to copy the ASCII upload option? old R-J3iC (R30ia) controlling M-16iB robot

  • I've Bought a second hand robot and want to unlock more usefulness by setting up control from my PC.

    Ive spent hours reading threads and trying to piece together solutions and have tried a few things, but now i thought i should just ask what tools and methods are you using to control your (older) robot from your PC?

    If i could source a copy of the ASCII upload option would it be possible to copy it onto the pendant? Would it need to be from the same controller ? R-3JiC/R30iA

    Fanuc in my country gave me an initial estimate of $300 now have come back with $1200 and its taken them 5 Months!

    Are their any other methods to control the robot in real time from a PC? please share any details of solutions you know work.



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  • Lemster68

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  • What do you mean by "control the robot in real time"?

    Generally something like this is done by generating a program offline, loading it onto the robot, then starting the robot from some kind of cell interfacing such as a PLC.

    Is this what you are trying to accomplish?

    If so, how are you generating the .ls file that you would feed into the ascii loader?

  • Thank you HawkME and asdf.

    Ultimately I want to generate gcode on my PC and feed it to the robot real time, and ultimately incorporate feedback to adjust the movement to account for variations in my process. For robomachining and 3D printing. I was planning on using roboDK for this.

    My next step is to generate a program on my PC, convert it to LS file and upload it via ethernet to the robot and start the program.

    I have installed trial versions of olpcpro and roboguide, and i can FTP files to and from the robot, but I have not been able to setup my exact robot in a cell yet, which i believe i have to do in order for maketp.exe to work?

    Please help with advice on which version of roboguide to use for M-16iB/R-J3iC software edition no V7.20P/12?

    Thank you in advance.

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