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    Is there a way to teach the TCP of a 4 axis palletizer robot or is direct entry from CAD data the only option.

    The specific robot I am dealing with is a kawasaki CP300L however I choose this thread category as I am curious about TCP defining options for any 4 axis palletizers.

    It looks like traditional 4 point method won't work as it requires the mounting flange to be at a different orientation for each approach point.

    Is there some way to teach some number of points around a teaching jig (that a 4 axis can reach) and calculate a TCP from that, then direct enter the calculated TCP?


    What camera/vision system are you using?

    Generally this is done by calibrating the camera with a checkerboard grid, then teaching a Uframe on that grid so that the camera and robot "agree" on a coordinate plane.

    For anyone having this issue in the future.

    I figured out that the issue only happens to the first robot to be turned on in the cell. You can make a "dummy" robot and always turn that one on first before the other robots. This will allow all the teach pendants you need to work normally.

    Hello All,

    I have a Roboguide cell with 6 robots in it. Everytime I try to open the virtual teach pendant for a certain robot it gives me a script error (see attachment).

    This only happens on a specific robot. If I open the teach pendant for the other robots in the cell it works fine. Strange thing is that this problem has moved between robots before. For example, robot 5 used to give this error, now robot 6 gives it but robot 5 works fine.

    I am running roboguide as admin. Using Roboguide V9.4

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    Hello All,

    I am using a fanuc robot (LR mate with R-30iB mate) and a Cognex 2d VisionPro system to pick randomly presented parts. The parts are all sitting on a flat plane, however they can be in any rotation. Some of these parts have features that make them not sit flat on the pick plane, therefore making them not perpendicular to the camera. This combined with the random rotation is causing the coords that the vision system sends to the robot to change up to ~5mm when the part is rotated.

    I had an idea to transform the image to just the area around the located part after an initial location (using PMRedline tool), then run that image thru some kind of calibration to get rid of the perspective distortion from the part tilt and get an accurate part location within that image.

    This is all to say, is there a simpler way to solve the problem of parts being tilted in relation to the camera?

    Thanks for any help you all can offer!

    Trio Motion has a whole family of control modules, drives, and software for this sort of thing, and it its likely more affordable than rockwell or siemens. I seem to remember a salesman telling me you can control your own custom robot with their stuff.

    There are a few other "motion control" companies out there they may have something that works for you. KEB is one that comes to mind.

    Looks like the XG-X series controller supports most of the common industrial communication standards like Ethernet/IP, Profinet, RS232, Ethernet TCP/IP, hardwire IO, and more. You should be able to communicate with it from any R30iB plus using hardwire IO or TCP/IP. However if you have a fieldbus option like Ethernet IP already on the controller that would likely be easiest to set up.

    I think the user manual is free from the keyence website if you make an account.

    Hello all,

    I am somewhat new to Fanuc and just learned the hard way that restoring from a backup made in an arbitrary position results in pulsecoder errors.

    My question is this:

    What is the best practice when taking and restoring All of the Above backups and Image backups? Should I always take the backups when the robot is in the zero position so I am able to restore in the same position?

    If all I want to restore is programs, frames, and register data. Do I need to restore the full AOTA backup or are there certain files (sysmast?) that it would be better to take out before restore?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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