Controlling ABB Robot Via PLC

  • Hello!

    I am programming an ABB robot for the first time. With fanuc robots they provided a set list of "UOPs" for controlling the robot. Halt, PNS number, Start... etc for controlling the startup and operation of the robot.

    In robot studio it seems there are a pretty long list of signals I can assign. I cant really seem to find a "timing chart" of how to control the robot. How to get it to boot into a program, can it resume from a broken light curtain? how to I abort a program to force it into a home routine if requested by the PLC?

    Does someone have a sample PLC program they could share? or an explaination/document? I am fluent in omron, siemens, and AB so any of those platforms will work as an example.



  • Hi Kevin,

    In robot studio, if you look in file>help>IRC5 documentation>System Parameters>Topic I/O system, there is a list of system inputs.

    to start a program remotely, generally you'd use either the "Motors On and Start" or the separate "Motors on" and "Start" inputs.

    from a light curtain, assuming you've connected this to the "A stop", once the curtain is reset, the same commands for starting would restart the program from where it stopped. you can also use the "PP to main" input, to reset your program back to the start.

    For homing its a little trickier, I tend to set up what they call and "interrupt" monitoring an non system input, this would then call a separate "Trap Routine", from in here you can cancel the rest of the program and run your home routine etc. you can also use the "Stop", "Stop at end of cycle", and "Stop at end of instruction" system inputs, if you just want to pause the arm.

  • Can't remember a timing chart for ABB, but it's straight forward how to handle them if you read the description of the signals in the manual or help mentioned above. Keep in mind that most of them are triggered by raising edge of the signal.

    Personally, I do NOT like STartMain system input, it makes recovery much more difficult.

    Personally for me that's the easiest way to do homing on ABB robots. :icon_mrgreen: Never used a different one. But that's all a matter of taste. :winking_face:

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