Fanuc Macro Settings

  • Greetings of the day everyone ,

    Iam trying to upload a new macro to a existing one, but its having error

    TPIF - 008 Memory protect violation

    MEMO-006 Protection error occurred.

    So I tried to change the write protect settings, but I am not able to do that,

    its showing Cannot change system level macros.

    Please help , Thank you

  • That is because it is a default "System Level Macro."

    You wont be able to copy or edit it.

    You're best off either copying and compiling it offline to a non-write-protected program or just manually recreating it on the teach pendant.

  • thanks for the response,

    is it applicable the same for macros in macro command ?

    menu -> Setup -> 9.Macro ->

    I can see few macros which I can't clear such as Grip Part, Release Part ,.....

    thanks ,


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