M2000 Tcp

  • Hello, guys i am dealing with a Irb1400 welder with Irbp type R positioner M2000 controller.

    I have problems with the gun Tcp in rotational move it shifts a lot and the bullseye is giving errors when I run it.

    Is there any way to obtain a new tool with decent Tcp in order to not use bullseye at all

    Thanks in advance guys

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  • First, check your calibration offsets and commutation offsets. Then check the zero position of all axes. If those check out OK, proceed with teaching the tcp, five point should be fine for welding torch. Tip: if you cut the weld wire and just insert about six inches, with the stickout that you want, then the wire won't get pushed and pulled a little as if you left it coming from the spool all the way out of the torch. I hope that you can follow what I just wrote. Check your max error and mean error when you finish. A good tcp will have under 1mm mean and under 2mm max. Then check how it jogs.

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