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    Hello guys, I am trying to configure the smarTac module. After loading it to my controller I had this error message;

    Task: T_ROB1
    The signal in argument FromSignal: diFr1TouchSense, must be defined in the IO
    configuration and the signal in argument ToSignal: sdiFr1TouchSense, must be
    declared in the RAPID program and not defined in the IO
    Does anyone know how to overcome this problem?

    Thanks in advance Guys

    Hello guys, I need to transfer a program from the original system (IRC5 IRB2400L+ IRBP 250D) to a similar twin system. I found the robotarget shifted in all three axes may be due to different workobject plate frames. As long as I have a Fronius CMT power source I was thinking maybe I can use the "Search_1D" function to define a pose data in the original program in 3 positions of the welding jig and then touch them to define the displacement. Is this the correct way? Does anybody know a way similar?

    Thanks, Lemster68, I will follow the steps, one more question.I remember on an old S4C just created a new tool and defined it manually, is it possible to do the same in the S4C+?

    Hello, guys i am dealing with a Irb1400 welder with Irbp type R positioner M2000 controller.

    I have problems with the gun Tcp in rotational move it shifts a lot and the bullseye is giving errors when I run it.

    Is there any way to obtain a new tool with decent Tcp in order to not use bullseye at all

    Thanks in advance guys

    Hello, I found the procedure under IrbpSys module. when I try to open it pops up a message saying the subprogram declared in a protected module, cant be shown.


    CONST speedData MySpeed :=[1000,1000,100,100];


    MoveJ P10,MySpeed,fine,MyTools

    This is exactly how I managed to reduce speed in the M98 controller by changing the Movej in the index_Stn_1 procedure , instead on M2000 controller there is no MoveJ instruction

    PROC index_stn_1()
        VelSet 80,5000;
    ChangeStation 1,1,FALSE;

    on the M98 is different

    PROC IndexToStn1()
    TestSign 1,torque_ref,INTERCH,1,8,0;
        MoveJ pSAFE,v1000,fine,tool0;
        WaitTime 0.5;
        MoveJ [[193.29,-0.68,1626.63],[0.93829,0.003339,0.345786,0.005748],[-1,-1,0,0],[9E+09,9E+09,9E+09,-0.0890053,9E+09,9E+09]],vMIBmax,fine,tool0;
        WaitTime 0.4;

    Hello guys, we have a IRB1400 welder robot with IRBP type D positioner and M2000 controller, we need to reduce the interchange rotation velocity .

    we have already done the velocity reduction to the M98 controller changing the speed data for the indextostation1/2 procedure but in the M2000 controller were not be able to do.

    Does anyone know how to do interchange speed reduction in M2000


    thanks, guys, I will run the bullseye routine usually I do so but I was wondering if it is a valid option to use that instruction.

    Hello guys, I have changed the gas cup on Pki500 tool on a IRB1400 welder and it seems too close to the part.

    I was wondering if I could fix this with the RelTool instruction. Can it be done?

    Thanks in advance

    Have the same issue on an M2000 IRB1400 . Turns out the problem was the DSQC 532. we change it and the robot is working and communicating with FTP .

    Hello guys, does anyone have a procedure to create workobject in a s4 controller?

    I am trying to create the wbjstn1 and Wbjstn2 in a IRBP type 250 R positioner.

    Thanks in advance

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