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    Hello guys we have a problem with the IRC5 single drive unit. we have already a spare part but is not exactly the same code.

    The used drive is 3HAC14550-1/05A (D1 1C),instead the spare is 3HAC14550-3/05A (D1 1C).

    Does anyone know if they are interchangeable?


    Hello guys, we have problems with a M2000 controller that does not boot,the TP is counting all the time.

    Here are my LED's


    On the Power Supply, I am green.


    On the DSQC 509

    En: Nothing

    MS: Green

    NS: Nothing


    DSQC 504




    PWR: Green

    HDD: Nothing

    Status: Flashing green


    I measure the voltage coming from the power supply to X13 DSQC504 and found 10.5 volts instead of 15 volts

    could it be the problem for no led on the DSQC 504?

    Is anyone have a similar issue ?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Hello guys, we have a IRC5 welding robot with a Fronius RCU 5000i.

    How can we add smartac option in order to search with the gas cup?

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Hello guys, I hope anyone in the forum has experience with Fronius CMT welder RCU 5000i.

    We have too often this error saying "Error in wirefeed system,Wire buffer full", the wire did not come out of the tip and the small lever in the red banana is all up.

    we have to cancel every time the error and restart the program, losing much time.

    I hope someone has any suggestions to overcome this issue.

    Thanks in advance guys ;)

    yes, Black , we have that screen but Robinstat does not finish downloading the system. Then we try with boot discs. The problem now is that after finishing loading all the boot discs, when we go to select system no system appears.

    Hallo Black, it is M2000 S4C+, we have changed the main computer, we do connect with robinstall but it can not download the system, it gives an error saying "can not create file directory" so we try with the boot disc. We are using the existing system keys.

    Hello guys,need help with robinstall, I created a system but when I try to make boot disk it showes me anerror -2111 Failed to create target file.does anyone know why?


    Hello Guys, we have oroblem with an M2000 ,we dowload a sistem created with robinstall and it did not boot .We have now the main computer with the status led red and no options on the teachpedant .It does not conect anymore with Firezilla softwere.Does someone know how to bring the boot menu back again and try to reconect to the system?Thanks in advance

    Hello guys, is there any way to check if the commutation is ok on a M98 positioner motor,What does the commutate function on the S4c menu?I hope someone help me,thanks in advance.

    Hello guys, Does the motors on IRC5 suffer the high temperature of the environent?It is to hot those days and two IRC5 are having problems specialy on the positioner,strange noises and sudenly hard shaking .Foes anybody have similar problems.Thanks