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    Hello , mos of the cases I have this issue is due to resolver cables , check any brocken shield part in the resolver cables .

    Hello ,I have a problem with an old S3 M93 with external axes, suddenly there are red light turned on in the DSQC 223 and 224 board and the system don't recognize anymore the external axes, I have rebuild the DSQC 241 board some days before,can anyone help me with this issue, thanks

    Hello everyone.

    I have an old ABB M93 S3 controller.This welding robot is configured with two stations external axes. With only one safety sensor protecting the operator during interchange.

    I have an issue with the Photoelectric safety sensor. When the robot is welding on station 1 on auto mode and the safety sensor beam is interrupted the motors goes off .It hapend only with the station 1 on robot.

    I hope some one help me with this issues


    Hello everyone, I have some problems with an old S3 M93 controller, after power on the led on Dsqc 230 board is turn red ,also the lights in the 2 input board and the sensor board are red,the TP shows "PRog unit communication fault" no LEDs in the dsqcc 241 board are turned on. I try to test mode with the test and init button on the dsqc 230 board but have no results.I am looking for help , how can I diagnose the problem, is there anyone that knows this old robot.Thank you