Problem with I/O System IRB 120 with IRC 5 Controller

  • Hello everyone, thank you very much in advance. I have been having the following problem: I have an IRC 5 controller that I use to manage the ABB IRB 120 robot, when I try to generate digital outputs that feed a pneumatic gripper that I want to mount I find that on the pins (indistinguishable from which one) I do not get any reading of the 24 V DC that should give me the XS7 port.

    I have consulted several manuals and as I have followed indications everything seems correct, the Flexpendant shows that the DSQC 652 card is "running" and the digital outputs appear in the signals section, I have even placed "ALL" in Access level.

    I am measuring the voltage between pins 9 (0V) and 1 (D_652_10_OUT0) and 2 (D_652_10_OUT1) which in theory should supply 24V when powered on.

    My controller does not have the XS10 port that others have so now I am not sure if the one I have has the power supply voltage pre-wired internally, the robot itself has not been used for many years and I am starting to get it up and running, it responds very well to motion commands but I have been encountering this problem when I want to get output signals.

    Attached is a little test code that I am implementing so I can measure two of the outputs, and photos of the controller and flexpendant.

    Again, thank you very much and I would appreciate any information you can provide me with.

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  • Voltage is usually supplied by connecting to XT31 terminals. For protection, I prefer to add a 2A fuse terminal in series with the 24V.

    DSQC652 connections:

    0V to X1:9, X2:9, X3:9, X4:9

    24VDC to X1:10, X2:10

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