iRVision - Robot Generated Grid Calibration

  • Hello guys, I am using Roboguide to simulate a LR-200iD with iRVision and I am trying to use the Robot Generated Grid Calibration for finding the TCP of a vaccum gripper (I have at least 3 non centered TCPs to teach). The thing is, for some reason I always get stuck on the step 11/26 because of a MOTN-074 Speed limit error, which might suggest me that the robot was trying to cross some singularity. What I tried so far was:

    • Decreasing the override to 50% or less;
    • Changing the parameters in $MCR_GRP[1];
    • Changing robot's posture and position;
    • Changing target and target size;
    • Setting a smaller calibration area for the robot motion;
    • Changing the virtual camera position and lenses to increase field of view.

    But I still getting the same error at the exact same step, 11 out of 26. I wonder if is some bug of this particular version of Roboguide (v9 rev.: ZC). Did anyone face the same problem before?

    Thanks for the help! :smiling_face:

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  • Lemster68

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