Logging robot pick position during line tracking

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    We have several 200iD robots, picking items randomly spread across a conveyor using a custom vision system and the Fanuc line tracking queue. It works well, but we'd like to log the position of the robot (within a few mm), in the world view, at the moment when it picks each item. We already have a Karel function, which is called by a line tracking TP program at the moment of the pickup occurring, so that seems like a good start.

    An existing attempt by a previous colleague records $ZMP_GRP[1].$P_ACT  and sends it to our database, but results seem to be not meaningful. I'd appreciate any help in determining what to use to get or convert the position in the world frame, despite the function being called from a line tracking program.


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  • There are variables to see the current coordinates of the tool.

    Yo need to enable the function by setting:


    Then you can see the values on:



    But take care as these variables are only updated when robot moves in automatic.

    I think that positions are shown on world coordinates, but I can't ensure that.... I've used it on the past but I do not remember right now.

    If you want to convert betwheen bases, you can use karel to do that. Just convert from xyzwpr pos to joint, and then from joint to pos with the new frame and tool numbers.... to convert to frane 0 you will need to provide the cell frame or a frame will all values at 0.

  • Curpos. The robot is reading and displaying this position continuously. If you want to know only where it picks, why asking the robot all the time where is it and by the way, by the time you read it (the PLC) and the robot is in motion is already to late

    Use LPOS when you have the robot pausing. Lets say on the pick up, put it right after the gripper is close, or the vacuum is on. You know what I mean, right when you activate the tool

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