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    Thanks, I know the math of the conversion process, but am not sure which frames I should be using. The item's tracking PR seems to not change as the item moves, so presumably I need to convert this into the world frame, via some frame whose origin does move with the item, but I don't have a good understanding of that part.


    We have some robots picking parts using line tracking and a vision system on a constant conveyor. All works fine.

    We'd now like to be able to measure how far a target item is down the belt, some time after the item is acquired but before we start moving towards it. The purpose is to apply some rotations that keep out tooling safe. Ideally this would be the current part location in the world frame, or something similar.

    Would appreciate any help in doing this. Looking at the item PR gives me the location relative to the tracking frame when the part was acquired, which remains static as the item moves. This is not a problem for the robot's behaviour since that uses the tracking frame, but I'm not sure how to get the item location relative to the world origin.


    You could profile your code by creating a karel function that tracks how long each step takes. So, at several places in your code, you call the function, which writes (to a file on the usb drive) the current $FAST_CLOCK, and a short note saying where in the code it's being called for. e.g.

    345345,read timestamp

    345400,read item

    Then collect a as many runs of the program as you can, analyse the data and determine which parts are slow.


    We have several 200iD robots, picking items randomly spread across a conveyor using a custom vision system and the Fanuc line tracking queue. It works well, but we'd like to log the position of the robot (within a few mm), in the world view, at the moment when it picks each item. We already have a Karel function, which is called by a line tracking TP program at the moment of the pickup occurring, so that seems like a good start.

    An existing attempt by a previous colleague records $ZMP_GRP[1].$P_ACT  and sends it to our database, but results seem to be not meaningful. I'd appreciate any help in determining what to use to get or convert the position in the world frame, despite the function being called from a line tracking program.


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