Daily run time

  • Hello all, I am the welding engineer at my place of employment, we have four Motoman robots, one NX100 , one MRC and two XRC's. We are trying to record our "Green Light" time. Since we started this around a month ago I have been collecting the data at the same time each morning and using System Info/Monitoring Time/Moving Time. I noticed that the moving time only counts when the robots are moving and does not take into account the positioner. I found there to be about a 15% difference between moving time and actual time so I have been adding 15% to my daily time.

    If I go into Playback Time on the NX100 and record the number for Robot 1 it seems to be very close to my added 15% time. That will work great for the NX100 but on the XRC & MRC the playback time seems to count all the time while the switch on the pendant is in playback so it would be useless data.

    Anyway, my question is, is there a way to get a daily number that starts at cycle start and ends when the positioner flips back to the operator? I have searched on this forum but I have only been able to find how to time an individual program. We are looking for total run time from cycle start to cycle end.

    Help is greatly appreciated, Thank You.

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