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    Right, I have cleared the servo alarm but the user alarm 9065 S4 CUBE ALARM is still active and cannot be cleared since the controls for the positioner (well everything) are locked out. I found that the user alarm is triggering SPECIFIED OUTPUT #50013. I'm thinking somehow I have to go into the ladder and turn that off to be able to move the positioner out of the interference cube.

    So I thought maybe if I change the positioner interferencee data to all 0.0 then the alarm will be cleared. When I try to input data into the boxes in the interference area it wont let me change anything. I am in maintenance mode.

    I am confused. I followed the NX100 manual in regards to changing interference area. Just seems like pushing select or any button does nothing.

    Hello everyone. I have a use alarm I cannot clear (even with machine restart). Operator said the machine was flipping A to B and got a 4328 servo tracking error before a complete rotation. Operator kept clearing the alarm and trying to get it to go (would go little at a time until next alarm). I saw that neither Universal Input for A/B home were lit. I attempted to sweep the positioner using EX POS variable but went the wrong way and am now stuck in a user alarm (S4 cube alarm) I think it has to do with table A almost hitting the ground. I believe if I can bypass or change severity level of said user alarm I could revers the positioner and fix the machine.

    Help with this would be awesome.

    Thank You

    Hello, everyone, I just got my cell assembly from Motoman that they built for me. I am sure its something I'm doing wrong but when I try to play a program I get these two error messages. Also on the Motosim virtual pendant I can go to play mode but on the simple PP it will not go to play mode. It always stays on Teach. I also get an error to switch the controller to play mode but like I said I am unable.

    Hello everyone, at work our maintenance department replaced the joint 1 motor on our Fanuc welding robot. Unfortunately they did not mark the robot first for home. The robot is in a Lincoln e Cell weld cell. Does anyone know where I should be looking for the factory witness marks on this 100iBe robot? It is really hard to see them because of the (limit switch plate) plate under axis 1. Also it is really dirty. I've been scrubbing the arm and I found witness marks on other axis so I know at least some axis has them.

    As you can see from the controller picture the position of J1 is in in the picture corresponds to J1 actual position on the read out. Maybe I'm somewhere close to witness mark zero?

    Here are some pictures for reference.

    Hello all, we have a single Motoman MRC robot that will weld fine for an unspecified amount of time then will start welding cold with undersized welds. We changed the tip, cleaned the nozzle, checked for gas leaks and tweaked weld settings but it always comes back. I watched volts and amps on the Motoarc 500i digital display while welding and they stay constant. I understand that is just the output of the power supply, I don't know how I would measure the actual V and A at the tip while welding.

    I fabricated a temporary ground cable going from the welding fixture to ground to eliminate the positioner grounds, there was no change.

    Is there some way I can check the 500i power supply for faults? I have looked all over the internet for diagrams or info but there is practically nothing. If anyone has a diagram or some troubleshooting tips it would be awesome.

    Thank you

    Hello guys, I hope someone familiar with MRC controllers can help me out. Someone accidently changed the robot from rectangular coordinates to circular coordinates and our operators are finding it hard to program in circular. We don't have a manual and the few I was able to find on the internet aren't complete/helpful.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    Thank You