• Good morning, I have the following problem:

    I have KUKA sim pro v 1.1 installed on my computer as well as OfficeLite v 4.1, the problem is that I cannont make the connection between them. I looked for information, however, I did not find it. I read that some have already made the connection but they do not indicate haw. Please, could someone whose connection worked well tell me how he did it. Thank you.

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  • So, I don't have access to these softwares right now, but looking at my notes, and my memory, You should follow some steps to make them work together. And, If I recall correctly, the connection was ons direction only, from OfficeLite to KUKA.Sim.

    On OfficeLite:

    You need select the VRC plugin during the OfficeLite Installation

    On KUKA.Sim:

    You need to build a cell with same robot model You have configured inside OfficeLite.

    You need to launch OfficeLite before KUKA.Sim.

    Click on the robot, and in the left column, select KRC tab. A KCP icon will appear over the robot. Click on the icon. The KCP screen will turn cyan, and this means that OL and KUKA.Sim are connected. If You jog the robot from the virtual KCP, it will move on KUKA.Sim.

    I`m probably missing some step here, but this is what I have now.

  • Forgot to mention.

    On KUKA.Sim, firs You must configure the connection. Param Tab, and after this, KRC Coupling tab.

    And I'm almost sure all this information is available on KUKA.Sim help. Did You checked there?

  • Thank you very much, you helped me a lot, but naw I have another problem. I have the trial version of OfficeLite and it doesn't allow me to simulate programs. I think it's a problem with the istaller, do you know of a site where I can download it again?.

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