Emergency stop pressed in AUTO mode

  • Hi Gents,

    We have model: M-710iC 50 and controller: R-30iB Plus.

    Our robot, do depalletizing at input bay and palletizing on the output bay. It grab empty plastic box, put it into the conveyor. At the output bay, it takes full plastic box (from another conveyor) and palletizing it on a pallet.

    I have the question related to pressing of emergency stop (eStop). The robot emergency stop is wired into the emergency stop circuits.

    Robot emergency stop output, is wired into machine emergency circuits.

    Robot emergency stop input, is wired to contact of relays, controlled by safety relay.

    fence input, is wired to fence circuits.

    At pressing, eStop, the robot will stop immediately.

    My question is what to do next?

    Our understanding is that the robot must move in safe position and next the program must start from the beginning.

    One if the issue is that the gripper could be empty, could be with empty plastic box or with full plastic box.

    How is will find that robot was stopped by eStop? From UO, can find out that the fault occurs.

    Any advices and sharing experience will be highly appreciated!

    Svetozar Yolov

  • Hi,

    Menu-system-config- signal to set if E-stop -DO(x).

    at the beginning of the program, enter the conditions for checking. Every time a part is removed, you can mark in the flag whether the part is grasped or not.

  • Many thanks for fast response!

    How long signal "signal to set if E-stop -DO(x)" will be on? When DO(x) will clear?

    After release E-Stop button and clear fault, will signal on DO(x) will still be available?

    For the gripper status - this very good idea! Thanks!


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