Trouble with UR3e and ProfiNet communication

  • Hello together,

    in the near future I have to programm an UR3e that will be controlled by a Beckhoff PLC via ProfiNet.

    I read the ProfiNet-Documentation and implemented the communication between the Robot and PLC.

    Actually everything is running - means it is possible to read/write all the Process Data on the PLC.

    On the Robot I wrote a small default program for testing and configured the Signals for Remote Control as follow:

    GP_bool_in[0] => Start

    GP_bool_in[1] => Stop

    GP_bool_in[2] => Pause

    GP_bool_in[3] => Freedrive

    GP_bool_in[4] => Auto start the default program in the Run Tab

    GP_bool_in[5] => Auto brake releas the Robot

    GP_bool_out[0] => Low when Program is not running

    GP_bool_out[1] => High when Program is not running

    GP_bool_out[2] => High when Program is running

    From the Process Data the PLC can read the State of the Robot:

    0 = Disconnected

    1 = Confirm_safety

    2 = Booting

    3 = Power_off

    4 = Power_on

    5 = Idle

    6 = Backdrive

    7 = Running

    And some other Flags:

    AOM = Analog output mask

    AOT = Analog output types

    ES = Is emergency stopped

    FT = Is fault

    NO = Is normal mode

    PB = Is power button pressed

    PR = Is program running

    PS = Is protective stopped

    PW = Is power on

    RC = Is recovery mode

    RD = Is reduced mode

    RES = Is robot emergency stopped

    SES = Is system emergency stopped

    SS = Is safeguard stopped

    SSM = Speed slider fraction mask

    ST = Is stopped due to safety

    TAIT = Tool analog input types

    TB = Is teach button pressed

    TDI = Tool digital inputs

    TDO = Tool digital outputs

    TDOM = Tool digital output mask

    VL=Is violation

    Now, my Question. How looks the Handshaking of the Input/Output-Signals to start the Robot remotely in a very reliable way and without using of the Dashboard-Server?

    I have problems to start the robot after turning on the controller. The default programm doesn't start everytime - but sometimes. I think there is a timing issue...:hmmm:

    In the past I programmed a lot of Applications with ABB, Kawasaki or KUKA an I had diagrams like that:


    Is there something similar for the UR?

    Thanks in advanced and best regards...:hi-bye:

  • hi Rob,

    When you turn on the ur system, you must manually load the installation files(safety configuration, type of mounting, tcp, tool mass,etc). UR recommends create a new installation for the application and not to use the default. For automatic start, you can try setting options in "set default program" menu in the installation tab. I hope it will help.

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