Offset Issue

  • Hello. I’ve been programming Fanuc for a little over 4 years now, this is a issue I’m sure anyone of you guru’s can help with. I have a R-30iB Plus Fanuc and was messing with offsets today, just trying to learn since I hadn’t too much experience with them, just here and there. I made a simple program and a simple UFRAME, along with a corresponding PR to go with the program. I used the line “OFFSET CONDITION PR[X], UFRAME [X]. Well now my robot is all sorts of lost. All my previous programs were created without a UFRAME. When I change my UFRAME back to 0, the robot still moves somewhere else as if it is still being offset. My PR[1] is our home position, and it won’t even come close to what is was. Thoughts? Unfortunately I do not have a Image Backup ;(

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