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  • Robot Controller R-30iB Plus. Trying to open the Comment Tool from browser.

    Anyone know what the default username and password is.


    Does your robot have the password option installed?

    I think when the password option is added, the HTTP access settings default to AUTH access for all resources. If not, then someone could have gone into to [MENU] -> 6 "Setup" -> "HOST COMM" -> 7 "HTTP" and manually set resources to lock/auth, but I find that to be pretty unlikely.

    If you do have the password option installed, then the password prompt you see in the web browser should use the same passwords as the robot. You will just need to log in as setup/install levels or whichever level is configured with privileges to make changes.

  • In the robot pendant, go to Menu, Setup, Host Comm, HTTP. In the HTTP Setup menu, highlight the A in the KAREL row then press the F3 button for UNLOCK. The A should change to a U. Try clicking on Comment again. I just tried it in Roboguide and it worked. I've done this for several real robots over the years.

  • That is exactly what it was - the A-authorize in the KAREL row. After this was changed to U-unlock, then the Comment Tool did not ask for password anymore.


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