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  • To recover:

    - Set controller to T1.

    - Enable teach pendant.

    - Press and HOLD the SHIFT key and press RESET (This should clear DCS positional error).

    - Do not release SHIFT key or error will reappear.

    - Then using an applicable COORD, move the robot to a safe position.

    If the DCS has been installed with all the usual options, you should have a VIEW option available within the DCS settings area to display the current environment which will assist with knowing where to recover the robot to, instead of having to guess.

    Alternatively, if you have 4D graphics and iPendant available, then you can have a better display of the working environment to assist in recovery, I think you need to press 'i' button and menu to be able to select 4D DCS to scroll through the DCS options to display the environment on the pendant.

    AFAIK I think the above is correct to view the DCS environment.

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