How to bypass the need for a pendant?

  • Hi all,

    I am working with a group in my university to get an ABB IRB120 arm working with a IRC5 M2004 controller. Unfortunately, the pendant for the controller has been lost, and before the university invests any money into the project so that we may buy a new one they would like a demo of the robot arm working. Does anybody know a way by which we may bypass the need for the pendent and set up a small demo with the arm?

    When connected via ethernet the controller gives an IP address to an external PC so I was wondering if getting the trial version of RobotStudio might allow us to script a simple trajectory for the arm or wether an application could be made to do this via some form of API (I am currently reading through the PC SDK manual trying to figure out if this would be possible).

    Apologies if these questions seem really basic, nobody in our group has ever worked with anything like this and anyone who was involved with the robot arm has been long gone.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Update: I called ABB technical support and apparently the pendant is necessary as otherwise the controller is in a permanent Emergency Stop mode. Alternatively, there is a way to bypass the pendant but this involves also additional Hardware from ABB.

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