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    First of all, good luck! Incorrect commutation is an invitation to disaster, including destroyed motors and other equipment.

    Based on a hasty review of different era ABB robots' manuals it may only be possible to commutate external axes. From a C+ manual:

    The robot motors are commutated on delivery.

    Commutation is only for external axes.

    For more information about commutation see the External Axis Manual.

    Older than C+ look in the manipulator's Product Manual.

    1st, there isn't some third party cable, or cable reel, used is there? If so try an ABB cable.

    2nd, if you want to reflash the pendant as DAMO suggests, have someone cycle power to the control WHILE the stop AND programmable button number 1 are held down. It is suggested to hold the two buttons down until red text indicates

    Image is not present. Downloading start.

    Release the buttons and wait for the pendant to complete the reflash. Alternatively the reset button on the back of the pendant may be pushed whilst holding stop AND programmable button number 1 down and wait for the red text.

    Take a look at system parameters Automatic Loading of Modules for the Control (sys.cfg — I think) and see if there is a module getting loaded during booting causing the ambiguous condition.

    Over the years I learned, I am not certain of the reliability of my learning :/ , that when errors were encountered.

    SYS HALT ERROR - from servots.c,1346
    SYS STOP ERROR - from ipolts.c,2792

    there was a problem with the measuring system. I recall that the sys halt stuff was a problem in the axis computer, cabling, or SM Board.

    Also, this text

    94-01-01 10:03:22 type = ERROR id = HARDWARE code = 8001
    arg 0: 1.000000 arg 1: 0.000000 arg 2: 0.000000 arg 3: 0.000000 SYS FAIL - from c25.c,1326

    indicates a hardware fail. (Good old 8001 code, in S3s that was REALLY bad)

    Perhaps SKOOTER or LEMSTER will weigh in.

    Spitballing here:

    Try only:




    Perhaps contact with ABB is order to ensure the PROMS being used are correct.

    It looks like someone was kind enough to send you ABB WebConfig info about your system. The mention of S4 TopHat indicates this was a GM robot at some point.

    Is the positioner integrated with the ABB control (if yes, HOW is it integrated?), what version of control, what version of RobotWare?

    It's difficult to supply answers of any value without that information, as a start.

    S4, not the ancient days, but creeping into the description of 'olden' days. ;)

    Not sure it is dependent on robotware (or whatever the REAL early '...ware' was named) but take a look in the system motor calibration parameters for fields indicating Valid comm (commutation) Offset and Valid cal (calibration) Offset and ensure the YES/NO fields are YES.

    There are both fully licensed and disabled licensed RS in this facility. Only the fully licensed version displays the RAPID Call Stack.

    If you have the fully licensed version and you don't see the call stack you may be able to recover it by invoking the Default Layout.

    PS — I think %"ProcName"% is referred to as late binding.

    Don't know about the safemove aspect, but here is a really hacky possible RAPID work-around. :/

    Create a virtual input(s) and a output(s) on the virtual bus and cross connect the outputs to the inputs for affecting axis speed limitation. E.g. vdi_SpeedLimAx6, vdo_SpeedLimAx6. Also, there will need to be a system input, or SOME system inputs, parameter added for the Limit Speed action.

    Next find your problem code spot and right before it insert this.

    IF OpMode()<>OP_AUTO THEN

    SetDO vdo_SpeedLimAx6

    SpeedLimAxis ROB_1, 6, 20;


    Maybe make it Procedure with data or a function ...?

    Yes, it is advised to reset the slowdown, by resetting the output, somewhere in your code, say in a housekeeping routine.

    As indicated above it is a hacky solution.

    Or wait for the better answers wiser techs than I will suggest. :)