Disturbance Torque MAX/MIN

  • Greetings.

    I have a question about the Disturbance Torque screen in the Teach Pendant.

    I am reading the disturbance as the Robot does it's cycle, here is the reading which concerns me:

    Curr./Max (Allowed)/Min. (Allowed)

    J2: 1.4 22.5(16.1) -23.8(-16.1)

    I understand that 1.4 is the current value of the disturbance (this value changes every few ms).

    The (16.1) and (-16.1) is the maximum and minimum disturbance allowed.

    My concern is for the 22.5 and -23.8.

    Are these values the max/min distrubance that this axis has received?

    How do I know if these values are from a collision or if they are the normal cycle disturbance I get in automatic mode?

    Is it possible to clear these values, so in case I get a new collision or big disturbance we will be able to know at what value did it occur?

  • The values between parentheses are the peaks. They reset at each servo on. The last detected collision data is logged in the reductor's status page.

    Thank you for answering, sorry I hadn't taken a look at this post in a while.

    So if I understand correctly, the ones in parentheses are the maximum peaks received during the cycle and they reset everytime I power off and then on.

    So that means the 22.5 and -23.8 are the maximum and minimum set?

  • Hey M_Benton,

    I think values in parentheses are min./max. allowable values of disturbance torque (measured in Amps) - you can manually set those values by adjusting Collision Guard (the lower the value, the higher disturbance torque is allowed before Collision alarm occurs).

    Values of 22.5 and -23.8 are peak dirsturbance torques received during the cycle. In your case, those both values are bigger then maximum allowable torque, so I'd say that some external force was applied to robot during this run.

  • Thank you for the examples Janusz, another small question.

    If the Max Disturbance Torque is reached (as the example on my original post), does that mean that the Robot had a Collision Detection on that same cycle?

  • Hey M_Benton,


    Current and peak values of torque occuring during one cycle are saved/remembered until next servo power ON, then they are reset, zero-ed and measured again.

    You can generate and check the report of servo-off events (MENU -> STATUS -> SERVO-OFF HISTORY -> F4 [REPORT]), where you can find history of Collision Detection:

    As you can see, in my case, when disturbance torque value on axis 6 is around 100% of value set by COL_GUARD_ADJUST (which in your case is +/-16.1 A), robot immidiately stops by SRVO-050 Collision Detect Alarm.

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