Robot Paths Way Off After E-Stop

  • Hi All,

    We recently had to e-stop our Fanuc M900ib during some high-speed motion and now when the program runs it looks like the paths are potentially off by 1-2 inches from how it used to run. Would this be a normal outcome from such a hard stop under load? Is this a situation for remastering, or some other process to regain accuracy, or are we looking at re-teaching user/tool frames?

    Thanks for your input.

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  • I agree with HawkME regarding mechanical shift

    Strange how you mention path changes but not positional changes..... :hmmm:

    Just what investigations have you carried out?

    - Lose bolts on robot mounting or end effector mounting.

    - Bent, moved end effector.

    - Lose bolts on external peripherals.

    - Checked mechanical zeroing of the robot (not the values, physical position).

  • Thanks for your input here. Good thoughts on other movement in the system/base.

    Yes, the mastering values are not perfect, but not that far off either. I wish I had documented them previously. I'll see if I can review an olpcpro backup, for the info - assuming that's logged info.


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