Cooperative robot to normal robot - is it possible?

  • Hi guys, another problem to solve - i need to use a formerly cooperative robot KR16-2 with KSS5.6.10 as a standalone robot. There was two robots of the same type with a lamps on the A3 axis (removed now)
    I reinstalled the KSS so it is a clean install now the problem is that they dont want to move :) - no errors on the pendant, but still i cannot enable the drives.

    Any idea where to look?

    there are two plugs - X270 and X271 which i am not sure how to use - may be the problem is there?
    Or it is with the lamp for A3?



  • So, it's been a long time, but IIRC, the A3 lamp is actually part of the safety circuit, and cannot be removed.

    To "simply" use a former RoboTeam member as a standalone robot, putting the "termination jumpers" into both sockets on the KRC2 is required. On a normal RoboTeam setup, those two sockets would be for a special RDC cable that daisy-chained from KRC2 to KRC2, and the first and last KRCs on that chain had to have one socket "plugged" with the terminator. For the robot to operate alone, the KRC has to have the terminators in both sockets.

    This means that the other KRC2, if you have it, will only be operable if you get another pair of terminators, and another KCP.

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