We should stand together

  • I am not creating this thread to generate political discussions.

    Considering the recent global covid pandemic, I find this hypocrisy just another step backwards in our society where needless acts are again ensuing for reasons which I'll never be able to comprehend.

    My thoughts and sincerest wishes of safety and support to all our members whom reside, have family, have acquaintances in the Ukraine.

    I hope this situation is 'halted before any momentum is gathered' and preservation of life and liberty is set as a priority by those (including myself) whom are sitting in luxury at this time.

    Ukraine stay strong, stay vigilante, stay safe, my prayers and thoughts towards a swift resolution.

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  • kwakisaki

    Changed the title of the thread from “Ukraine Support” to “We should stand together”.
  • Seasons greetings and best wishes to all our members whom reside, have family, have acquaintances in the Ukraine, during this continued and needless appropriation of military, political action.

    May you and all your families continue to show strength and resolve in order to remain safe and vigilant.

    I hope soon this madness can be extinguished and we can all learn to live as neighbours and not enemies.

    My thoughts lie with you all and all that have been lost.........:red_heart:

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