Wire Touch Sensing for part presence

  • We finally got our new Yaskawa Motoman cell last week and I’ve been learning the ropes on programming. 2 days after install I’m running production parts, but I’m in need of a little help.

    I have a 4 station weld fixture, with a part that gets welded on one side, flipped by hand, then welded on the other side. I’m using wire touch sensing to determine the height of the ring being welded to the tube is, to shift the weld in Z+ or Z-.

    The next thing I would like to do is add a touch sense to verify there is a part in any given station or not. What does the logic look like to do this? I’ve done it multiple times on a Panasonic, but the touch sense routine is much different here.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

  • YRC new or new you you new?

    Program an approach position. Program a position past where the part would be. Ask the controller if the rapid input is on. React on that value.

    MOVJ VJ=xx.xx


    GETS Bxxx $B002

    If $B002 is a 1 the part is there. If $B002 is 0 the part is not there. I'm assuming $B002 is correct for your generation of controller.

    What ever logic you wanted to use to react on the value.

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  • YRC, brand new. I was getting close! Going through the touch manual, wrote the touch sense, was just having trouble with the variables. I appreciate the help! Robodoc - this is this company’s first robot, and I don’t have any electrical connections currently running through the welding ‘backbone’. I wanted to keep this cell as simple as possible, and am just using a bluco spine for attaching custom tooling to. This is a high mix, low volume cell.

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