Standard Program Naming

  • Good afternoon all-

    So I recently changed companies, and I was brought here to start their robotic welding and automation department. Our first cell here will be an Arc World 2000 from Yaskawa. I have never worked with Motoman robots before, as most of my background is in Panasonic robots. I am trying to come up with some standardization around program names. Can somebody tell me the format in which the standard programs that will come on the robot are named? Are they a combination of letters and numbers? Or are they just letters or just numbers? I want to have this in place at least somewhat before the cell shows up in the next couple weeks. Thanks in advance.

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  • Any combination of upper case letters, numbers, and certain symbols are available. Assuming a YRC controller up to 32 characters.

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  • Typically model number for part is standard. You’ll have your master stack then inside you’ll call your A and B side jobs (assuming it’s a turn table style of sorts). Within your A and B side jobs you can call a certain program. I like to use “if then” statements. You will have an HMI I imagine so I would link up each part with a number to a B variable. So if let’s say part A is inputted into the HMI a b variable will change value. Your stack will start, choose what side it will go to, check to see if any part present sensors are on, and then since part A is on then B000=1(or something). Then in your stack you will have something like If B000=1 then call “partAsideA7402” your job “partAsideA7402” will then be your weld for that specific part on that specific side of the table.

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