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    Typically model number for part is standard. You’ll have your master stack then inside you’ll call your A and B side jobs (assuming it’s a turn table style of sorts). Within your A and B side jobs you can call a certain program. I like to use “if then” statements. You will have an HMI I imagine so I would link up each part with a number to a B variable. So if let’s say part A is inputted into the HMI a b variable will change value. Your stack will start, choose what side it will go to, check to see if any part present sensors are on, and then since part A is on then B000=1(or something). Then in your stack you will have something like If B000=1 then call “partAsideA7402” your job “partAsideA7402” will then be your weld for that specific part on that specific side of the table.

    It is interesting. I use Python to make an new-old Yaskawa Inform II (super old robot language) robot do what I need

    I am genuinely impressed. I envy the knowledge you have to pull off something like that. What kinds of things can you do? I unfortunately am not computer savvy but I am decent with robots, mostly on the mechanical end. I program DX100 mostly but I bought myself an XRC recently and I hate that I don’t have the expanded language options as a DX like the “if then” statements. Is it possible to makeif then” statements and such for an XRC?

    Thank you so much, even after all the hate to pursue an answer. No one appreciates people like you. Your drive until you get results is outstanding. But like the lightbulb, they never notice the 999th attempt. I just recently purchased a UP20 and I picked up a servo table for it. I’m not that smart but I’m learning and just being able to read your attempt, successful or not has been an eye opener for me. It’s a shame people gave you so much hate because they don’t understand how humans should be. Humans are the smartest thing on the planet because we can learn from each other. Young humans don’t have to re-invent the wheel for themselves, they can start their lives on the shoulders of giants.

    Okay so I am in the exact same boat. I just bought an XRC UP6 and I only have 240v single phase. I am not proficient enough to know exactly how to do all of this. I also came across the rotary converter and that seems to be my best option. Does your robot move well and everything? If so, what model/rating do I need to look at to make it work?

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