Singularity Alarm on Joint Move?

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm working with an LR Mate 200iD and I'm getting a MOTN-023 (In Singularity) fault during a joint move... Anyone know what's up with that? Does this robot have some weird options turned on or something? I didn't know it was possible to have singularity issues with joint moves, I thought that was have their reason for existing.

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  • This alarm tend to happen when you are using world mode or tool mode to move the robot, please jog j5 for about +-5 degree then using above mode. There will be no problem

  • Is it that the joint move is near the end point and is followed by a linear? Sometimes the error is not the current move , but the subsequent move. It is looking ahead and stopping the motion short with the fault.

    It depends - if FINE at the end of the line, and run in step, it's connected to current move.

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