Tracking Encoder Error - SRVO-082 Dal Alarm

  • Hello everyone.

    I am working with a R30iA controller, R2000iB 150U robot.

    I am trying to do some tracking with an external encoder.

    Everything works as intended, except for the dreaded "SRVO-082 Dal Alarm(Track enc:1)" keeps popping up at random times, it usually pops up while the encoder is stationary, which I find sort of odd(but it is stationary a lot more than it moving..) It is a bit unusual because the machine I am tracking already has 2 encoders, and there is a splitter that allows me to connect to either encoder for my tracking application. So I have switched between the 2 encoders, I have changed my cable a bunch of times running to the controller, and I have tried both ports on the fanuc controller, it always seems to work, but every time after a little time the error pops up. Does anyone know exactly what that error means? how does it know the encoder is disconnected? I am making my own cable that runs to the controller, and my newest one is 2 shielded twisted pairs with another shield on the outside. I am only Connecting A, A* and B, B*, is it possible that that's an issue? maybe I need to connect the - from the machine to the robot controller or something like that? I do have the cable shield grounded on the robot side on the plate where all the other wires are grounded. below is a picture of the pinout I used.

    any help is much appreciated.


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  • If you literally mean you are not connecting the Z channel (marker pulse) or the 5v ps and common, then yes, that would be a big problem. All of those signals are required for it to work correctly. Also there needs to be a good connection of the shield at the controller.

  • yes thanks Sevastopol1 for the reply.

    I am only connecting the 4 signals shown on the picture. The thing is, it seems to work some of the time, when it works it works perfectly.

    it seems to me I can get by without the Z signals, maybe I'm wrong,

    The odd thing in this situation is the machine is powering the encoder and I am simply tapping into the A and B channels from a PCB board that is supposedly made to do that. So I'm not sure if I need to connect my -0v from the robot to the machine where its powering the encoder.

    The shield is grounded very well on the robot side.

    what do you think?


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